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YMMV tropes applying to the Kamen Rider franchise:

  • Nightmare Fuel - Depends on the series and the monsters contained within. However, it generally applies to Shin, ZO and J for their designs. Also, all Showa riders are no longer human with the exception of Amazon.
    • For a series aimed for kids, Kamen Rider Black has pretty scary monster designs. Also, Kotaro's first transformation clearly shows his 'bug-man' stage.
    • Orphenochs, Makamou, and Dopants have particularly nasty transformations and forms.
    • A major plot point in Den-O was that, if you were removed from the timeline, and nobody remembered you, you no longer existed!
  • Broken Base - The issue of whether the later series are as good as the older series, for starters.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Since Skull was chronologically the first Rider to appear in the Double-verse, it could be argued that those two Dopants actually were the first MotWs in Double.
  • Macekre - "Saban's Masked Rider". To capitalize on the success of Power Rangers, Saban licensed the already Lighter and Softer Kamen Rider Black RX, dialed the Lighter and Softer elements Up to Eleven, and turned it into "Saban's Masked Rider": a gay old Aesop-tastic romp of a sit-com starring a superhero alien learning about Earth culture with his adoptive American Family. Later the editing got so shoddy that at times you could clearly see the original Japanese actors, or the fact that the footage they were splicing in was from a completely different series starring a completely different hero. (Dex is Black RX one scene, J the next! No, they don't look alike. At all.) To say that Ishinomori was disgusted would be putting it too lightly. Not to mention that the events of the series have been Retconned to be a Show Within a Show in Power Rangers.
  • Memetic Mutation - CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!
  • Moment of Awesome - Every series had one. Every series.
    • Kamen Rider: Any time the Double Riders have to throw down.
    • V3: Shiro Kazami eventually starts doing his Henshin on his bike. While going downhill, taking a curve. Best part? Actor Hiroshi Miyauchi crashed the bike while filming the second episode.
    • Kagami reveals his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass nature when trying to save a little boy from the Worm.
    • Decade has a crossover with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Yes, Kamen Riders and Super Sentai...and they're samurai!
  • Most Wonderful Sound - For anyone surrounded by monsters or whose town/world is being threatened, when all hope for survival seems lost, one word can banish the darkness and bring salvation. That word? HENSHIN!
  • Paranoia Fuel - Ryuki. Just think about it. Every mirror - hell - every single reflective body you walk past could be a portal from which a monster whose only desire is to eat you could emerge from. And don't think it's just that odd piece of glass in the streets, or that puddle of water you need to worry about either. Every mirror is fair game, even the ones in your home. Really, the only guarantee of survival in the Ryuki world possible if you were just a 'normal' is to lock yourself in at home and cover up every piece of glass.
    • ...Or if you somehow found a discarded deck like Shinji did.
    • Let's keep going. The monsters are essentially relentless, and will never stop hunting you once you are chosen as a target. Lousy luck if you're in the dark about, but if you are aware of their existence..... This applies to Dragon Knight as well, with the trade off of mindless monsters that will eat you at the first opportunity for an organized force that is just waiting for it's shot at conquering the whole damn world, and if not for the Riders, would have succeeded.
    • We should also count the series where the monsters can take human form. like the worms of Kamen Rider Kabuto. They kill the original, and take that person's place. An impersonation so good, that they can fool anyone, including THEMSELVES! This means that anyone you know, Father, Mother, Best friend, ANYONE could be a worm in disguise. Lovely thought.
  • Periphery Demographic - Us.
  • Unfortunate Implications - Female Riders are few and tend not to end well for the most part, starting, with the death of Tackle of Stronger (who, to add insult to injury, was later officially ruled to not be a true Rider, only a mere sidekick to Stronger. However, Kiva had two women borrow the IXA suits in different time periods (once. Twice if you count the movie). Kamen Rider Decade is showing a good track record with female Riders, and Natsumi gets a suit and survives (albeit in the finale movie only.) However, it is somewhat mitigated by the fact that a great deal of male Riders do not survive either.
  • What Do You Mean It's for Kids? - Applies to all Rider series, since it airs at Sundays at 8 am in Japan, but especially true for Faiz. With f-bombs, rape, brutal violence, and mind-screws left and right, you would think it would air as a primetime show.

YMMV tropes applying to the first Kamen Rider series:

  • Awesome Music: Lets Go Rider Kick.
  • Special Effects Failure: Granted, it's an old series, but there are a lot of moments where it really tends to show its age.
    • This was partially justified by the fact that the show had a very low budget even for it's time.
  • What Do You Mean It's for Kids?: Through the series, we see Shocker's monsters turning people into skeletons and ashes. The effects are laughable but still!
    • The Sarracenian monster in episode 4 killed someone by literally crushing him with his bare hands.
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