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  • Fan Nickname: "Tabasco Sauce" for Basco.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Gokaiger has an all star voice cast.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Gaku Shindou (Eagle Sazer) as Barizorg (and just like Romi Park as Usuyuki/Dayu in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, he's appears in ep. 11 as Barizorg's original form, Sid Bamick.)
    • Yui Koike (Ahim) hasn't grown that much in the half-a-year after she last appeared in the finale of Kamen Rider Double.
    • And speaking of Double, Luka's old friend in #34 (Yuki Kimisawa) must have loved Futo, as he's more familiar as Kirihiko/Nasca Dopant.
    • For the obvious ones, see Continuity Cameo.
  • Name's the Same: The Robot Buddy parrot is named Navi. Yeah. At least one fansub caught onto this, translating its first words to 'HEY! LISTEN!'
    • Same goes for the Action Commander of the Week in #9, who is called Bowser. But the guy we know by that name is called Koopa in Japan, so...
    • A similar case happens for the Action Commander in #32, who goes by Shieldon. Again, his cross-media counterpart has a different name in Japan.
    • Gai Ikari shares his given name with Choujin Sentai Jetman's Black Condor, Gai Yuuki, although different kanji are used to render their names. Unfortunately, they didn't get to meet in #28.
    • Then there's Jou Ohara of Choujuu Sentai Liveman and Joe Gibken, which gets a Lampshade Hanging this time (mainly because #31 is mostly centered around them).
  • Promoted Fanboy: Junya Ikeda, Gai's actor, is a lifelong Sentai fan. Also Gai himself, in fact his knowledge of Super Sentai is his useful skill!
  • Romance on the Set: Between Mao Ichimichi and Ryota Ozawa, if the rumors prove to be true.
  • Shoot the Money: The reason that you never see more than three Sgormin on-screen at the same time is that Toei literally only has three Sgormin suits.
    • This may also be the case with the Dogormin (read: red Sgormin) since only two of them appear each time.
      • Not really in the latter. We see four Dogormin on screen in #49, when they come to offer backup to Insarn.
    • May also be the reason Ahim was Green Flash. Toei may've known that they were gonna get Dai back but no pink rangers and made the suit for the All-Green change in #43, killing two brids with one stone (It's assumed most of the gender changed suits just add a piece of fabric for a skirt for male to female. However, some of the teams couldn't be done like that, like Flashman, so Toei probably had to be judicious about when to gender change those suits.)
  • Troubled Production: Reportedly, two of the head writers nearly came to blows over Gai Yuki of Choujin Sentai Jetman in the Great Legend War - one of them, an original writer for Jetman, didn't want him to return, but the other was insistent he did.
    • There were also rumors that GokaiGreen was going to have to be recast or otherwise replaced after his actor Kazuki Shimizu was injured when they were filming near where the early 2011 earthquake struck (thankfully, this was just a rumor.)
  • What Could Have Been: For once, admitted by the filmmakers themselves, in regards to the 199 Sentai movie (taken from the translated pamphlet given out during the film and posted on someone's webpage; warning, this page also contains a spoilery synopsis of the film)
    • Dead characters from previous seasons were apparently brought back to life to fight in the legend war. Who brought them back isn't clear. Apparently Rio and Mele being killed in the series and then revived to fight Long in Go-on vs Geki is mentioned in the pamphlet as something that happened, so this adds a bit more evidence that Gokaiger incorporates everything as "canon."
    • If Machiko Soga were still alive, they would have brought her back to reprise a role as a villain in the movie. She played villains in Super Sentai, most notably Queen Hedrian from Denziman and Witch Bandora from Zyuranger.
    • There was a massive battle that happened prior to what we saw in the Legend War where over 100 robots/giants fought against the Zangyack fleet. Many of the robots were destroyed or killed during this battle. This was also mentioned in an interview with the Director, Takemoto and was posted on 2ch long before the pamphlet came out. The only hint towards this in the actual movie is a brief shot of a destroyed Gosei Great during the opening battle.
    • The lead writer's initial plans for Don's backstory would have been that he was an orphan whose scientist father was killed by the Zangyack. He ultimately left the character backstory-less once he realized he preferred characterizing him as a Ridiculously Average Guy. The only remnant of this scrapped story that did make it in a sort of way is that Don's homeworld did get blown up by the Zangyack. It gets only a passing mention when he talks about being able to restore his homeworld with the Greatest Treasure of the Universe in #49. And, aside from the whole thing he fabricated about being an amnesiac dragon-slayer, not much is said of his backstory except for the details on how he joined the crew.
    • Early info for Gokaiger vs. Gavan said that Warz Gil would appear in the Makuu Castle prison scene, but this turned out to be false, presumably because it would be a Plot Hole for Zangyack's own prince to be there.
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