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Because sometimes, cross-line reading doesn't produce good results.

 Welcome to the Onion house. Everything's weird here.

It started off like any other thread in the It Just Bugs Me (old name for Headscratchers) subforum. Glenn Magus Harvey created a thread with the title Kagami Hiiragi Snuggling After Sex. In reality, it was meant to discuss topic titles on the forum flowing together, but it was almost instantly derailed (after a brief period of confusion) to other, far more interesting topics, such as Lucky Star, Buddhist Catholicism, and more Lucky Star.

But then, everything changed on post 251, when Tsukasa Hiiragi entered the topic in person. Feelings of guilt and Perverse Sexual Lust swept through the posters, and so began a downward spiral that culminated in the arrival of Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa's nervous breakdown, along with guest star Rin Kokonoe (of Kodomo no Jikan fame), who is in part responsible for egging half of everything on.

So began an epic tale of sisterly love, drama, laughter, axes, and more sockpuppets than you could shake a marionette at.

The thread has since been deleted, barely a week after its creation. Fortunately, User:Don Zabu saved almost the entire thing. It can be downloaded here. An online html archive has been uploaded HERE.

A new thread, "Kagami Hiiragi snuggling with onions" was later made in a more appropriate subforum. This new thread has lasted for months, currently (as of May 2011) has over 100,000 posts, and has seen the original sequence of strange events, loli onion-snuggling, and random insanity resolve into something with at least a resemblance of a cohesive plot. To simplify: Kagami, Tsukasa, and the Onions house are revealed to be multiversal focal points, unintentionally drawing characters from different anime and video game franchises to themselves. Along with these characters come Cosmic Horror Narrators, weird monsters, lots of shapeshifting, lots of Yuri, squids, conspiracies, desserts, rivalries, and an elite team of Ninja Repairmen. It Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.

The original thread provides examples of:

 Kagami: "I in no way saw any of this coming and am completely and utterly shocked by this turn of events."

 INUH: Tsukasa: How can you feel sorry for him? How are you that nice?

  • Mind Screw
  • Morality Chain: The Hiiragis may have been acting as this toward the entire thread.
    • Rika played this role to Rin, even getting her to apologize for trying to kill Metalhead.
  • Pair the Spares: Yomi and Hiyori.
  • Puppy Love: Rin has given up on Aoki in favor of Kuro. And just about every other female that walks in, to the frustration of Kuro.
  • Put on a Bus: Around 30 or so sockpuppets from various shows will not be returning.
  • Off the Rails: In the words of the thread's original author:

  "I'll say that I put that thread train on a certain rail, and not only did it insistently derail, much to my chagrin, it went several hundred miles away by traveling through another plane of existence, and then created its own rail.

  • OT 3: Kagami/Tsukasa/Konata, apparently.
  • Overly Long Gag: GMH's repeated but fruitless attempts at getting Rin to stop her totally creepy behavior, ending with a series of attempts involving throwing a boot at Rin's head, in reference to a famous skit by The Frantics.
  • Running Gag:

 INUH: -steps between Metalhead and Tsukasa-

Various People: Why are people still posting in this thread?

The new thread provides examples of:

If you're reading this, User:DYRE GET BACK TO WORK D:<

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