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"There is no such thing as thing as ex-KBG."
—Russian President Vladimir Putin

The KGB was the Soviet Union's secret agency. Operating for over 80 years under various names, such as the Okhrana or Cheka, it acted as the Red Right Hand to some of the most vicious, murderous dictators the world has ever seen.

More recently, the name "KGB" has been appropriated for the title of a silly little adventure game set in 1991 before the fall of the Soviet Union. This "KGB" appears to use viral marketing to spread the word, with its employees editing wikis just like this one to advertise its "exciting" and "dangerous" product. They even take over entire pages, removing articles on one of the most ruthless and most important security organizations the world has ever known and replacing them with blurbs about some irrelevant, unimportant, pointless little collection of ones and zeros.

For the page on the actual KGB, please see Moscow Centre.

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