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 "It's the story about a guy who turns into a girl, but it's not Ranma, it's Kämpfer!" -Opening theme

Kämpfer Abridged is a Gag Dub and Affectionate Parody of the Kämpfer anime. This Abridged Series was created by MasakoX of Naruto the Abridged Series fame... and if you thought the original Kämpfer series was crazy before, what with the main character, a guy, transforming into a girl, and a crazy plot involving a harem of Action Girls and disembowled stuffed animals, then check this one out. It's a great way to pass the time while you wait for the official release of the translated anime and manga.

The 11-episode series can be found here (episodes 1-10) and here (episodes 2-11).

This show provides examples of:

 Taka: It's the story about a guy who turns into a girl but it's not Ranma ½, it's Kampfer! It's German! ...And the girls like the guy, but he can't tell, which is funny. And there's a bad guy as usual, but I can't tell, because there's so many girls who want the guy, and the guy-girl too, and that's pretty funny, so let's make it funnier! It's Kampfer Abridged!

 Shizuku: In any case, I won't let you out of my sight.

Sakura Oh, Shizuku! Would you mind of I talk to Natsuru for a second?

Shizuku: Oh, sure! [thinking] Dammit, why am I so compliant?

 Shizuku: Since when did cats become experts in dating advice?

Electrocuted Kitty: Well, I am a pussy.

 Shizuku: Yeah, we're ending this conversation right here.

 Natsuru: Don't you have any solutions that don't use guns!?

Akane: Uh... *fires off another volley into the ceiling*

 Akane: I wonder if it's obvious to him that I have a total crush on him and that I want him all up inside me and to ride me like a wild rodeo cowboy?

Natsuru: *vacant expression* *sound of wind blowing*

Akane: Nah, I think I'm safe.

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