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Please only put actual questions, this is called Headscratchers, not "It Really Really Sucks and Is Gay and Stupid", and please keep it clean. No name calling.

  • Why won't the baby drink his milk? Why is he so cold?
    • Follow-up: what did Justin see at the mall, anyway?
    • Uh, not to sound dumb or anything, but what is the OP referring to?
  • In the "Baby" music video, the bowling alley. First, there are guys dancing in the bowling lanes that people were just bowling on. Those are waxed! Why don't the fall of their asses? Second, why is his plan to win back his girl girlfriend to have a dance battle with her in a bowling alley? Third, why did you think that you would be together forever with a girlfriend you had when you were what, about 14?
    • For the first two questions: It's just a music video, there's Willing Suspension of Disbelief there. The third question . . . yeah, I don't know
    • I'll be honest. When I had my first crush, I thought we'd grow old together and have a wonderful kid and all that. Now of course, that's not what happened. But it was the young, hopeful idea I had when I was young.
  • If you're only gonna tell me one time, then why are you repeating it?
    • That's something his fans and himself also joke about. Chalk it up to crappy songwriting.
    • Much like how he claims he will "Never Say Never", and yet he says it throughout the whole song.
  • What's so social about his hair? It's a common style.
  • In his new song, he claims that it should be him kissing, holding, etc. his ex-girlfriend. But...they're exes. Perhaps he still feels something for her, but it sounds more like he has some sort of superiority complex where he deserve this girl, whether they broke up or not.
  • A theatrical documentary about his musical career? Sure, why not, perfectly good in and of itself and potentially an interesting watch given his history. A theatrical documentary about his musical career barely a year since he got professionally signed? Yeah, puzzling. Wouldn't it have been better to wait another year to do it, build up more of a career to cover therein, and see if he has any real staying power as a popular artist? Additionally, had he remained well in the public eye for several years then done the documentary, it would have made his story of coming from nowhere to rise to such popularity so much stronger. As it stands, it feels like a bit of a cash-grap, though that isn't necessarily the fault of Bieber himself.
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