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  • Hey, It's That Voice!: James Woods as Owlman! And Zoe as Superwoman!
  • Mythology Gag: J'onn laments that with his luck, Earth 1 Rose Wilson will probably be evil. Something of an aversion in that the DCU Ravager is more of an Anti-Hero and Jerkass who is close friends with Miss Martian, wait...
    • The tigerskin rug in Superwoman's personal quarters hints at a dark fate for the alternate version of a certain talking tiger.
      • And the very existence of Uncle Super is a reference to Silver Age Captain Marvel comics, where a mysterious, bumbling old man claiming to be Mary and Billy's Uncle Dudley tagged along on their adventures as Uncle Marvel. Uncle Marvel didn't actually have any powers, though.
    • Then there's the invisible jet Wonder Woman keeps at the end, a reference to the infamous invisible jet plant she owned in Silver Age comics and the Superfriends show and comic.
    • Owlman's Made Men are evil versions of the Outsiders, a team of misfits and nobodies led by Batman in the 80s and 00s. There's also some Detroit Leaguers in there (Evil Vibe/Breakdance, Evil Vixen/Vamp, and Evil Gypsy/Gypsy Woman - Evil Steel is missing for whatever reason); the implication is that these were some of the Made Men absorbed into his fold after the death of J'edd J'arkus, the counterpart to the Martian Manhunter, who led the Detroit League.
    • Jimmy Olsen being referred to as "Ultraman's Pal" is a reference to the classic Silver Age series, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen. He even has a signal watch.
    • If Martian Manhunter looks a little off, its because he's sporting his post Infinite Crisis look from the comics.
    • During Rose's anti-Syndicate speech, there's a certain blonde reporter who looks quite familiar.
    • Ultraman's weakness against blue kryptonite is a nod to Bizarro.
  • Playing Against Type: Considering that James Woods is generally associated with more hilarious or Large Ham villains such as Hades and Dr. Phillium Benedict, it actually is a shock that he's voicing Owlman, who is pretty much the complete opposite characterization.
  • Shout-Out: The Martian Manhunter's Evil Twin is named J'edd J'arkus. There are also references to Star Trek, Star Wars ("Hey! This is like the Jedi Mind Trick!"), and a more subtle one to Doctor Who (a "chameleon circuit" allowed Owlman's plane to become invisible, but the circuit got fried).
    • Owlman (To Wonder Woman): "Get off my plane!"
    • Evil!Vixen turns into a lion that looks like a more realistic version of Scar.
  • What Could Have Been: It was originally planned as a Justice League Unlimited film. It's still really obvious.
    • The casting of the movie contains two, according to interviews with Bruce Timm. According to one interview, James Woods was set to be in the DCAU version before it got pulled, though it's unclear who he was going to play (Timm said he'd still been Owlman, but Andera Romano, Dwayne McDuffie and Woods himself believe he was going to play the good Luthor). According to another, Vanessa Marshall, who voiced Wonder Woman for the film, was in the running of the role in Justice League and came close, but the producers picked Susan Eisenberg instead for the series.
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