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Fridge Brilliance

  • Superwoman's immaturity and mad crush on Owlman makes a little more sense - and becomes a whole lot more creepy - when you consider that she might be a teenage girl.
    • Which leads to Fridge Squick when you realize that Owlman most likely knows this.
      • It's very much Fridge Squick when you remember that she, like her brother, is only twelve.
    • Also, the fact that the ending seemed a little Narmy until you realize that what good Lex had said earlier was true: though the remainder of the Crime Syndicate probably could have taken down the Marines, Ultraman realized that now the people of his Earth were no longer afraid of him, and that fighting the Marines would have been futile: not only would they had to have faced the full Justice League again, but they would have to face everybody on their Earth who was willing to fight back, and that it was a pointless battle.
    • Here's one that only makes sense if you take the DCAU into account. Flash is repeatedly shown to be the most moral of the League, and the League would fall apart without him. His counterpart Johnny Quick is the only one of the Crime Syndicate with some good in him, and the Syndicate is defeated almost immediately after he dies.
      • Power Ring doesn't seem to care about whether the mob succeeds or not - makes sense, since he's still a space cop.
    • The movie was originally supposed to be made between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. The new JL Watchtower with transporters, Wonder Woman's invisible plane and the membership drive bear this out. The only thing keeping it from actually fitting in regular continuity is Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. The fact that However, because its about parallel Earths, with some only bearing the smallest differences, this story could have still happened in the regular Timmverse with John Stewart as the Green Lantern instead of Hal.
      • There is one more thing that keeps it from fitting in the regular Timmverse (the quick flashes of the End of Mars does not fit with what was established in Justice League's introductory episode), but otherwise accurate.
      • The difference in the Mars flashbacks is merely stylistic if you take into account that the invaders in the pilot of Justice League were based on the White Martians, who are the ones shown in the flashback.
  • The hailstorm of wrestling moves Wonder Woman rails on Superwoman with makes a lot of sense when you remember that wrestling as a sport/combat form was invented by the Greeks.
  • You have to wonder what Black Canary would have thought of Wonder Woman urging J'onn to remain on Earth-2 to be with Rose. Probably approval, since she did the same thing to be with Green Arrow.
  • Meta brilliance: The first few Crime Syndicate figures released in the Justice League Unlimited toyline were Ultraman, Power Ring and Superwoman. They are the Crime Syndicate survivors, so even the DCAU-based toyline kinda fits with the movie.

Fridge Logic

  • Why did Good!Luthor not use the dimensional shifter to save himself and the Jester in the first scene, right after he had gotten the quantum trigger?
    • Owlman says that the multiverse consists of every possible universe where every possible choice was taken. So wouldn't there be a combination of universes where Batman was unable to stop Owlman, causing the multiverse to end no matter what?
      • Not necessarily. Owlman obviously believes this is so, but his theory was not conclusively proven as true. We see a myriad of possibilities, but no proof that every possibility is incarnate in this multiverse beyond his word.
      • Word of God says that Owlman's plan was doomed from the start because as soon as any free-will choice occurs on Earth-Prime, it splits off two Earth-Not-Quite-Primes where the possible choices play out, leaving the actual Cosmic Keystone world undisturbed. Something like this has to be the case. If Earth Prime remained unique, then every possible Owlman with destructive intent would show up there at once. They would crush each other by their sheer mass.
    • Why wouldn't Owlman just abort the QED in the end, wait until he was fairly certain that Batman was off of Earth Prime, then go back and finish the job? Though it does make sense when you consider his Nietzsche Wannabe philosophy.
      • The dimensional shifter may not have had enough power to make the jump, especially with something as big as the QED, to which one might say that he was probably carrying a backup power cell (though Owlman isn't necessarily as Crazy Prepared as Batman; in the comics he simply has a drug-fuelled enhanced intellect). Alternatively, he may have simply decided that doing nothing was no more or less valid a choice than doing something because it didn't matter.
      • There is another way of looking at it if you want to potentially give the writers more credit than they likely deserve in over thinking this. This was Earth Prime. Any Owlman from a vaguely similar Earth should have showed up there. Sure, some would have shown up on Earth Almost Primes, but still only Owlman and Batman showed up. This would imply only this Owlman made it this far. Drug fueled or natural, Owlman likely noticed this. He was the only variation that made it that far, that almost succeeded, a fluke. Then, he failed. He may have come to the conclusion that all other attempts were stopped somehow by providence/destiny/etc. He was stopped. Attempting to destroy Earth Prime is impossible.
      • Or, as he himself said at the end, it truly doesn't matter. According to Owlman's theory, it didn't matter if he chose not to stop the QED from going off--because at the instant he made that choice, that universe split into two, with him making the opposite choice on the other ice-world universe. If Owlman is right, it truly didn't matter if he died, because somewhere else, he didn't.
    • Apparently the only choices that matter in the multiverse are of humans on Earth?
      • All DC canon aside, The movie was about the multidimensional choices of the planet Earth. So for the Planet Earth, the choices on Earth matter. For example, If we take Martian Manhunter - there has to be an Earth were he never left Mars (for whatever reason), meaning there must be multidimensional Marses where x happens but y doesn't and etc etc.

Fridge Horror

  • This may be negated by assuming origin stories for characters from the comics, but based purely on the total lack of backstories for Crime Syndicate members in the movie, one might assume Power Ring to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. If that were indeed the case, it would mean his ring had chosen a villain... which would, by extension, mean the Guardians of the Universe and the entire Corps must also be villains.
    • More then likely he is like the comic version, using an Alan Scott style power ring that is similar but seperate to the actual Corps rings
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