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Okay, I was ignorant. I did something stupid. I got overeager or ahead of myself. I didn't realize the implications of my action, or I seriously thought I wouldn't screw this one up. I'm sorry. But please, don't hold it against me... I was Just Trying To Help.

Not only is this a handy pre-defined message, it's also a stock phrase commonly used by characters, e.g. young kids in cartoons after their innocent attempt to help out causes a series of Disaster Dominoes. Another common use of this is when someone is on the wrong end of a Rant-Inducing Slight or Minor Insult Meltdown as after trying a little too hard to help.

Examples of Just Trying to Help include:


  • Garfield responds with this phrase when Jon reminds him how last time they went to the farm, Garfield tried to grow chickens by planting them in the ground.
  • In Batman, Spoiler utters this line while collapsing into Batman's arms. It is quite a Tear Jerker, seeing as she is limping half dead after being shot and tortured for many hours, trying to make a contingency plan of Batman's work, which had accidentally caused a gang war.


 Lando, while being strangled by Chewbacca: Just trying to help...

 Juvenile vigilantes, after being tied up by Batman: We were just trying to help!

Live Action TV

  • 90210: "Lucky Strike"

 Dixon Wilson: She can stay in my room. [everyone smiles] Just trying to help.

  • All in the Family

 Edith Bunker: Archie was just trying to help.

  • All My Children

 Ryan Lavery: Babe was just trying to help.

 Cordelia Chase: Dennis is very sensitive, he's just trying to help. He's more a person than a G-H-O-S-T.

 Jammer: [pleading with the Circle] I was just trying to help people!

 Prue Halliwell: Just trying to help.


  • Rent: Presumably, this was the grounds upon which Angel was trying to defend Mark after the latter was caught filming a homeless woman who didn't appreciate the exploitation.

 Woman: Who the fuck do you think you are? I don't need no goddamned help from some bleeding heart cameraman, my life's not for you to make a name for yourself on.

Angel: Easy, sugar, easy. He was just trying to--

Woman: Just trying to use me to kill his guilt?

Western Animation

 Spot: Hey, you were just trying to help a fellow creature. We know your heart was in the right place.

 Twilight: *tearing up after a series of fails* I just wanted to... oh...! *runs off crying*

    • Also used at the beginning of "Sisterhooves Social" when Sweetie Belle is trying to do something nice for Rarity.
  • Bat-Mite says this all the time in The New Adventures of Batman after causing Batman, Robin, and/or Batgirl a major problem that sets them back.

Web Original

 Doc:I'm really sorry guys. I was only trying to help.

Grif:Oh is that all? I for one was totally confused. I thought you were savagely trying to kill our sergeant by ramming him over and over with a six thousand pound steel death machine. Now that we know that you're just trying to help, by all means, please continue.

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