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Really huge monsters

I've always had a lot of trouble rationalizing how on earth somebody is supposed to fight really, really big monster in close combat. I mean, say I'm playing (not that this is exclusive to games, but in it's the most common there) a game, like Nethack, Warcraft, Heretic, or especially something along the lines of Exile: I'm a guy with a sword, plus maybe a friend or five, we're in our tiles, on our turn; I'm facing a dragon, it takes up six tiles, which is really Units Not to Scale, since it's supposed to be… Like, 50+ feet long, but even as is it looks super scary; I step up to it, and hit the movement key to “attack,” which presumably involves doing something with my sword to inflict quite a bit of damage; it then attacks me in such a fashion as to do some damage, while failing to break every single bone in my body from one even glancing blow, or turn me into a spoonful of strawberry jam with a single well-placed stomp; If this lasts more than one round, I also display the ability to block its path, preventing it from trampling over me to turn my back-row Glass Cannon into a teething toy.

Even trying to imagine something more real-world, like a Roman centurion taking on a rhinoceros, I can't imagine any way such a match could be fought if he stood his ground toe-to-toe, no matter what sort of Implausible Fencing Powers he had.

Tearing a head off -- easy or not?

Several of the entries on the main article, especially the Buffy one, suggest that it'd be easier for a monster to just pull someone's head off their body. Now granted, that might be hyperbole, but for the sake of argument let's assume that's a serious suggestion. It doesn't seem to me to be an easy suggestion. You know how Superman shouldn't be able to land a crashing plane by supporting one tiny section of it, because he'd realistically just punch through the metal skin? It seems to me if you had super-strength, you couldn't rip a person's head off. You'd just, I dunno, accidentally crush part of their skull while trying to get a good grip.

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