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Charles Xavier: There are thousands of men on those ships! Good, honest, innocent men! They're just following orders!

Erik Lensherr: (frowns and turns) I've been at the mercy of men 'just following orders'. Never again.

Elvis: The Virgin Mary herself could com waltzin' up in here with her fine ass, titties hangin' out and everything, and if she tells me your name is Jesus Christ, I STILL gotta take you to see the Boss. You know why?

Slevin: No

Elvis: Orders.

Another outlaw? Perhaps. Then why should they have to fight and for what? Inigo shook his head. It was a shame that such a fellow must die, but he had his orders, so there it was. Sometimes he did not like the Sicilian's commands, but what could he do? Without the brains of the Sicilian, he, Inigo, would never be able to command jobs of this caliber. The Sicilian was a master planner. Inigo was a creature of the moment. The Sicilian said "kill him," so why waste sympathy on the man in black. Someday someone would kill Inigo, and the world would not stop to mourn.
[Inigo's backstory is told in pages of detail.]
But the hunchback was the leader. There was never doubt. Without him, Inigo knew where he would be: on his back begging wine in some alley entrance. The Sicilian's word was not just law, it was gospel.

So when he said, "Kill the man in black," all other possibilities ceased to exist. The man in black had to die...
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