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  • The movie in general. Juno is portrayed as being generally savvy, self-and-others aware, and pretty much the smartest, coolest one in the room. Why, then didn't she have the sense to use birth control? Surely she knows where babies come from! (ps--yeah, the same reason Hamlet didn't kill his usurping uncle four or five times over when he had the chance--there wouldn't have been a story. But still...).
  • Their teenage daughter is pregnant and the parents are apparently COOL WITH IT. Not angry, seriously disappointed, depressed or humiliated (yes...that emotion might come up). They are just sort of blase about their teenaged daughter being impregnated. serious discussions about the fact that their daughter getting pregnant means she is probably having unprotected sex.
    • Well both of her parents seem rather understanding, and really, unless they're gonna drag her to an abortion clinic or a surgeon to restore her hymen, what can they really do about it? Juno intended to give up the child off the bat and seemed to be acting responsible for her actions. Plus we don't really see most of the pregnancy as it skips ahead several months a few times.
    • There was one point where Bren reminds Juno that she has made sacrifices for her. Granted they specifically mention her wanting to own dogs, but the implication seemed to be there (particularly since she was sewing maternity pants for Juno).
  • I hated how Jason Bateman's character suddenly turns from nice guy to nigh-pedophile douche in the span of a single scene. Especially since he was hoping to raise a child with his wife. Why would he suddenly decide to get a divorce, move out, and get involved with a teenage girl? It made no sense other than to add drama.
    • He never seemed as enthusiastic about raising a kid as she was. And Juno made him feel like a "cool rock star" again, instead of "grown man who is about to become a father and is going to be making jingles instead of albums for the rest of his life". It was pretty foreshadowed the moment she first showed up with Vanessa not at home, as Juno's stepmom points out. All of the stuff he liked and enjoyed was hidden away into one room while his wife decorates the house to look like a toothpaste ad. He just didn't like it and saw Juno as a chance to escape.
    • Wait, you seriously didn't see his entire character arc coming from the moment he and Juno snuck into his room? That wasn't even foreshadowing, that was 256-shadowing (if you'll excuse the terrible pun).
    • Juno herself didn't realize he was heading that way until that scene, and the film is, mostly, from her point of view. The signs are there, but she either ignores them or doesn't see them.
  • This is actually about the page on this site, but WHO is Hobson? I've seen this movie half a dozen times and never noticed a character with that name, yet they're listed at least twice as Deadpan Snarker.
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