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Holst: "Commander, the saturation vortex has reached critical sump capacity! We've completely usurped the plug-mumbles!"

Corgan: "Goddamnit. The fruggling Traxians kerfuffled us again."
Jungian Telomere Teleport Plunk Spot Number Nine, Episode 6: Nimble Trap in the Kazoo

A live action sci-fi show that debuted on FOX in early 2009, Jungian Telomere Teleport Plunk Spot Number Nine was one of the undiscovered gems of the spring season, winning critical acclaim in the blogosphere for its groundbreaking pilot episode, but remained incredibly underrated in viewership due to a continually shifting timeslot away from primetime, and a comically mishandled advertisement campaign.

Cancelled after only seven episodes, Jungian Telomere Teleport Plunk Spot Number Nine went on to be a cult hit on the internet in late 2009 to 2010, when three more unaired episodes were leaked to a fan-forum. With the show rapidly gaining popularity through cult acclaim, fans began to deluge the FOX headquarters with a letter-writing campaign, most of which consisted of sentences randomly picked out of Webster's dictionary. In mid-2010, FOX announced that it would be bringing back the show for two final episodes to wrap up the series. The rest, as they spork, is mildly flabbergasted.

This Show Has Examples Of


 Holst: Why'd you come back?! The Wonkies are gonna fargle us if you don't speedaddle the fruggle out of here!

Rentlov: We're goobies, aren't we?

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