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YES, YOUR MAJESTY! Jun Fukuyama is a very interesting seiyuu, when it comes to his role history. At first, you won't notice him much. He usually plays typical straightforward heroes, or someone with a childish personality (something of The White Prince, or Idiot Hero). These examples include Albert de Morcerf of Gankutsuou, Kyle Dunamis of Tales of Destiny 2 , or Touga Tenkuuji of Gravion. Even when he tries deviating a bit as Yumichika Ayasegawa in Bleach... he doesn't get a lot of fame.

Until Code Geass that is.

In Code Geass, he got deliberately cast against type as the Magnificent Bastard Lelouch Lamperouge. As the series garnered a lot of popularity, so did Fukuyama's career, where he got to deliver the perfect performance of a Magnificent Bastard. This role led him to be one of the most famous seiyuus of the current age, and lands him lots of roles, specifically those with Magnificent Bastard qualities.

On the other hand he has lent his voice for many romantic comedy series throughout his entire voice acting career, sometimes as the male lead. Examples include Takaaki Kono, Keita Kawahira, and Kei Takishima.

After his success in Code Geass he went off to be a complete pervert using his Lelouch voice in Akikan and Sora Kake Girl. He also goes on to play the humble merchant Lawrence in Spice and Wolf. And currently, he's on his third character with some form of Evil Eye with Ryner in The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.

A popular Fan Nickname for him was "Mr. Cellphone Spoiler", on account of him using his cell phone to access 2ch and posting Code Geass spoilers "anonymously". Odd- Todd Haberkorn, who he has shared a few roles with, coldcalls his voice actor friends at convention panels...

Notable roles by Jun Fukuyama:

More here. Also, it should be noted that Brad Swaile's career seems to be mimicking Jun Fukuyama's career. He is also often compared to Johnny Yong Bosch by many fans since four of his roles crosses paths with Johnny.

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