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Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), born in Poland and best known for his 1899 novella Heart of Darkness, which was adapted through Setting Update into Apocalypse Now.

His other works include:

  • Almayer's Folly
  • An Outcast of the Islands
  • Chance
  • Gaspar Ruiz
  • Lord Jim
  • Nostromo
  • Romance
  • The Arrow of Gold
  • The Duellists
  • The End of the Tether
  • The Inheritors
  • The Nigger Of The 'Narcissus'
  • The Point Of Honor
  • The Rescue
  • The Secret Agent
  • The Shadow Line
  • Typhoon
  • Under Western Eyes
  • Victory: An Island Tale
  • Within the Tides

His work provides examples of:

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