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Rejoice, troper. Joji Nakata will be described here.

The other (and newer) go-to guy for deep voiced villains. Joji Nakata, often called George Nakata, is a man gifted with a deep, astringent voice, which lands him veteran roles. And, as we mentioned, villains. In fact, he has become so known for it that it is often easy to identify a person as evil just because Joji Nakata is voicing him. If he is playing heroes, you can be sure that the hero is either old, or at least an Anti-Hero. Either way, they also tend to hold mentor roles for other characters because his voice also lends itself well to exposition, explanations and Hannibal Lectures.

He first made himself known in the English language fandom as Alucard, but wasn't quite prominent as fans preferred Alucard's English version done by Crispin Freeman, it wasn't until later when he became quite prominent on his own.

Notable roles by Joji Nakata:

Western Equivalent: Either Jamieson Price or Crispin Freeman.

This is a blasphemous description! This is madness!
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