John Sandford is the pen name of John Camp, Pullitzer-winning reporter, who decided to branch out into crime novels. Unusually, he had two debut novels, The Fool's Run featuring Kidd, a computer hacker, and Rules of Prey featuring Lucas Davenport, a hard-nosed detective. To avoid the gaffe of having two debut novels and to appease the two separate publishers he'd sold the stories to, he published Rules of Prey under a pen name of John Sandford and The Fool's Run under John Camp, his real name. Currently, all of his books are released under his pen name. He has a website run by his son which includes a substantial amount of reference material on what went into individual stories and how they evolved.

His fiction works include:

'The Prey Series featuring Lucas Davenport

  • Rules of Prey
  • Shadow Prey
  • Eyes of Prey
  • Silent Prey
  • Winter Prey
  • Night Prey
  • Mind Prey
  • Sudden Prey
  • Secret Prey
  • Certain Prey
  • Easy Prey
  • Chosen Prey
  • Mortal Prey
  • Naked Prey
  • Hidden Prey
  • Broken Prey
  • Invisible Prey
  • Phantom Prey
  • Wicked Prey
  • Storm Prey
  • Buried Prey

The Kidd Series featuring Kidd

  • The Fool's Run
  • The Empress File
  • The Devil's Code
  • The Hanged Man's Song

The Virgil Flowers Series featuring Virgil Flowers

  • Dark of the Moon
  • Heat Lightning
  • Rough Country
  • Bad Blood
  • Shock Wave

Standalone books

  • The Night Crew
  • Dead Watch
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