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  • The 11-15-10 "Retro" Raw provided one during the segment between John Cena and Roddy Piper. A fan shouts "Never give up!", which got caught on the ringside mics. Cena pauses his promo to point at said fan and tell them "You're damn right!" Class move.
  • His Ten-Minute Retirement speech on the 11-22-10 edition of Raw was pretty touching. Cena thanked the fans, thanked the stars that came before, and talked about how much he loved wrestling, but relented that he wanted to take some time to be with his family and relax. He even teared up a little.
    • He also got a Crowning Moment of Awesome and a Crowning Moment of Funny for leading the crowd into one last round of chants: all the women and children chanting "Let's go, Cena!" and all the men going "Cena sucks!", which just proved - despite anyone's feelings on his wrestling skills - how classy, self-aware, and utterly humble the man is.
  • John Cena has filled more requests for the Make-a-Wish Foundation than any other celebrity to date.
    • 200+ for anyone counting.
  • After Eddie Guerrero died, Cena (then the WWE Champion) paid a symbolic tribute at the end of Raw's tribute show for Eddie. After his main event match, Cena laid down a Eddie Guerrero memorial T-shirt in the middle of the ring -- then he placed the WWE Championship on top of it. Even Cena's Hatedom will admit that it was a classy thing for Cena to do.
  • After the 4/11/2011 Raw, Cena came out to ask the audience to give another round of applause for Edge (as Edge had announced earlier that night that he was retiring), then paid his own respects to The Rated-R Superstar.
  • On the 12/05/2011 Raw, Cena is faced with a Sadistic Choice by John Laurinaitis, give Zack Ryder another shot at a match for the US Title or keep his WWE Title Shot. Cena tells Laurinaitis off, stating he's had plenty of shots and is more than willing to work his butt off to get another and gives the shot to Zack.
    • You know what makes this better? Laurnitis was a dick and puts in Loophole Abuse by putting Ryder into a No Disqualifications match against MARK HENRY just so the little guy could finally become a champion. Now, we all know that Ryder can't compete to the World's Strongest Man, so Cena, being as Genre Savvy as he is, lays a beating on Henry and then lays Ryder on top of Henry, thus giving Ryder a chance to become US Champion.
      • Which Ryder takes full advantage of two weeks later when he wins his title match.
  • Using his association with Fruity Pebbles (thanks, of course, to The Rock), Cena has decided to run with it, to do some more good on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Crosses over with Awesome. According to Brodus Clay, they were gonna cut his dance sequence at Wrestlemania, John Cena who were nearby heard, and said if Brodus weren't going out for his bit, neither would he. And thus Brodus got to dance.
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