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  • Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure. It is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Everything in this series is just mind-blowingly bizarre. From a cyborg Nazi guy who looks like Guile [1], a time-stopping vampire who's also a Casanova, vampires who eat other vampires, Psychic Powers that can have the most ridiculously specific abilities, to the ridiculous hairstyles and fabulous clothing. And there's a 16-year-old who has a 30-year-old nephew because his father was in his seventies when he was conceived. No series can top this one when it comes to sheer WTFness.
    • Let's not even get into where Giorno fits into the Joestar family...[2]
    • By sheer nature of his never having been human, no villain can top Kars in sheer WTFness (except perhaps an out-of-it Pucci in one particular chapter). Of course, this also applies to just about any other series as well. The stuff he could do, simply unreal!
  • But the most bizarre thing is the mangaka himself - he hasn't aged a day in over 20 years (either that, or he's aging backwards). Recent photographs show him looking younger than he did when he started on Phantom Blood... back in 1986.
  • Araki has a big thing for Classic Rock. The sheer number of references in his work is baffling. Even the series name is a Shout-Out to The Beatles song "Get Back". This was a nightmare regarding translation, since most of the names were copyrighted, so they had to rename a lot.
    • And as it went on, a little pop group here, a little rapper there, in addition to more contemporary bands.
  • Tying in somewhat to the first bit of trivia, was the very first scene depicted. The story actually started before Jonathan's time, back at least two millennia in some South American civilization, which eventually died out for one reason or another. And the first character shown was a maiden to be sacrificed. Yeesh.
  • Despite being the eighth longest-running manga series in existence, JoJo wasn't adapted into an anime series until 2012. In the meantime, there was an OVA series based on Stardust Crusaders and a feature film adaptation of Phantom Blood, and even then, the Part III series was yanked from U.S. shelves over some controversy regarding Dio reading the Quran, and the film was poorly received (even by the author) and was never released on DVD or any other format.


  1. It's actually the other way around, as Guile was based off of him.
  2. To elaborate, Giorno is Dio's son, conceived after Dio stole Jonathan's body, which makes Jonathan Giorno's biological father. This makes Giorno Joseph's uncle. Note that Joseph is in his eighties by the time Part 5 starts - and Giorno is fifteen. Yeah...
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