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Part 1 (Phantom Blood)

"Don't look so sad, JoJo... Where better to die...than in the arms... of my... son?"

  • Buford's tragic backstory and his inevitable fate.
  • The death of Will Zeppeli. He knew he was inevitably going to die the way he did, so he used it to Jonathan's advantage.

Part 2 (Battle Tendency)

  • Caesar Zeppeli's death. Lisa Lisa and Joseph try their hardest not to cry, trying to stay strong... but then they see his body and it becomes too much to bear.
    • Joseph's reaction does not help at all.

Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders)

  • Avdol dying after saving Polnareff from Hol Horse. Subverted when it's later revealed that he actually survived.
  • Iggy's death. Especially since he died saving Polnareff, the guy he'd spent the entire series bickering with.
  • Kakyoin's death. It makes it worse that you get to hear his final thoughts, and they're about his unseen parents, who have no idea where their son is and what's happened to him.
  • Polnareff, after defeating Vanilla Ice, sees the spirit of Iggy and Avdol floating away and giving him their acknowledgement, driving the big man to tears.
  • The fact that DIO survived by tearing off Jonathan's head and attaching his own head to his body. Even after everything Jonathan went through, DIO still got exactly what he wanted, and it's a real shame to see such a kind and noble hero's legacy being so thoroughly desecrated after his death.

Part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Part 5 (Golden Wind)

  • The end of Part 5 where Giorno, despite being hardened for the series, finally starts to tear up at the loss of his friends he fought alongside, until Buccarati's spirit talks to him and encourages him, along with Narancia and Abbacchio, before departing for the afterlife. He mans up and takes hold of his (and Buccairati's) dream for them.

Part 6 (Stone Ocean)

"Look at me, Jolyne. This is my spirit. This is my intellect. I was alive."

  • The ending. Yes, the Big Bad is dead and Emporio survived... but he's now stuck in an alternate timeline where none of his former companions have any idea who he is. The only upside is that he might be able to make friends with Jolyne's more well-adjusted counterpart.
  • In a meta sense, the fact that this part is the last time the original continuity was ever visited in the manga. For those who have read all the way from Phantom Blood, it can be very saddening to see the story that started with Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando come to a close, especially after all the time spent reading each part of the story. Though for long-time fans, it may hit them even harder seeing as how the earliest fans have been keeping up with the franchise since 1987 and, with Stone Ocean ending in 2003, that meant 16 years of reading JoJo. While Steel Ball Run is considered one of the best parts in the franchise, it's still tough for a lot of people to fully realize that Stone Ocean was the last we'd ever see of all the classic characters and locations.

Part 7 (Steel Ball Run)

Part 8 (JoJolion)

Eyes of Heaven

Jo2uke: "Wait! Are you really Yoshikage Kira?"
Kira: "Indeed... but not the one you're looking for."

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