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Part 1 (Phantom Blood)

  • During the fight with Tarkus, he decides to grab two hapless townsfolk, and crushes them to paste with his bare hands, before drinking the body juices that came out. We even get to see one of the victims have the skin on his face tear off near the end of it.
  • The way in which Dio manages to deal with what happens to him at the end of Phantom Blood is quite shriek-invoking. To make a long story short, he decapitates Jonathan and places his own severed head onto Jonathan's now-headless body.

Part 2 (Battle Tendency)

Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders)

  • Ebony Devil, Devo the Cursed's Stand. Creepy Doll doesn't even begin to describe it...
    • How Polnareff killed him wasn't exactly G-rated either, as Devo's corpse was shredded into hamburger meat by the time he was done with him. It's no wonder that Polnareff ended up getting arrested in the anime.
  • J. Geil, a deformed, sadistic serial killer who raped and murdered Polnareff's sister Sherry, among many others. To list everything he did would take up its own page.
  • Alessi. Full stop. His stand, Set, has the power to turn those who stand in his shadow into children, so he can have an easier time killing them. The sequence involving him focuses around his attempts to kill Polnareff, it wastes no time in showing how powerless and helpless he is as a child. Oh, and he keeps getting a lot younger as the chapter goes on, so there's literally nothing he can do to defend himself. That's not even the best part; that would be what becomes of a bystander woman who happens to run into Polnareff as a child, but stays in Set's shadow for so long she becomes a fetus. She recovers, and things end just well enough, but that doesn't stop the chapter from being very tense and disturbing.
    • And in Heritage for the Future, Alessi is a playable character from the start. Yes, he can use Set to turn any character in the game into a child (save Joseph, who just reverts to his Battle Tendency look), but that's not the disturbing part. Whenever someone is turned into a child, he pulls out an AXE. Which, yes, does a lot more damage. Also, when his target is at normal age, he's his usual Dirty Coward self and has a particularly fast backdash. When they're children? It's his forward dash that's faster than usual. The icing on the cake really is his theme, which sounds like the theme of a manic serial killer.
  • While Daniel J. D'Arby is one of DIO's more affable henchmen, his stand, Osiris, is incredibly dangerous nonetheless. When someone gambling against him loses the wager, Osiris extracts their soul from their living body and turns it into a poker chip, which D'Arby then adds to his collection (a binder that's hundreds of pages thick, meaning he's been doing this for a very long time.) They can even be split into multiple chips and used in bets. Fortunately, the souls can't feel anything while inside the poker chips, but the implications are still disturbing. It doesn’t help that D'Arby usually plays with loaded coins and decks.
  • Terence T. D'Arby. There's a reason why he's one of DIO's favourite servants alongside Pet Shop and Vanilla Ice. He challenges people at video games and puts the loser's soul in a Creepy Doll, much like how his brother Daniel keeps them inside poker chips. However, unlike the significantly more affable and nobler Daniel, who keeps the souls that he collects dormant, Terence keeps his victims conscious and aware of their surroundings, unable to do anything but whisper barely audible pleas for mercy. Why? For fun. Some of them have presumably been in this state for years.
  • Vanilla Ice's stand, Cream. It's horrifying to see how it takes out Avdol and Iggy. Iggy might be worse, since he gets cut in half and we get a nice shot of his waist stump.
    • In the 1993 OVA, at least. In the manga and 2014 anime, Iggy dies from the wounds he sustains from a literal Kick the Dog moment by Vanilla Ice and protecting Polnareff.

Part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Part 5 (Golden Wind)

  • The Notorious B.I.G., an horrific, carnivorous blob that will devour anything that it sees (unless softened by Trish's Spice Girls Stand). But the worst part? It can't die. The heroes can't kill it. They have no way of ever killing it. They can only drop it into the ocean and render it mostly harmless, but the narration states that it still attacks passing ships.
  • King Crimson. It looks like a skinned human with two masks, has the power to both skip time and forecast the future respectively 10 seconds ahead, rendering Diavolo virtually untouchable by normal means, and his user is a complete nutjob. Truly one of the most terrifying Stands in the entire JoJo franchise.

Part 6 (Stone Ocean)

  • The crimes for which a lot of the inmates of Green Dolphin Street Prison were incarcerated are often all too reminiscent of real cases. Etro (Foo Fighters' original body) kidnapped a child merely to fulfill a childhood fantasy. Kenzo founded a religious cult and instigated a Jonestown/Heaven's Gate-style mass suicide. Narc Anasui caught his girlfriend in bed with another man and literally took them both apart.
  • If you thought Steely Dan's ability to transfer damage done to him onto someone else was bad, imagine being targeted by Thunder McQueen's Highway to Hell. It inflicts all of Thunder's wounds on you, and unlike Dan, who uses The Lovers as a deterrent, Xander is actively and violently suicidal.
  • Enrico Pucci's evolved Stand, C-Moon, has the ability to reverse an object's gravity, which results in the object turning inside-out. And yes, it can do this to people.
    • When his Stand reaches its final form, Made in Heaven, and begins accelerating time, Pucci moves so fast that Jotaro, even with his time-stopping ability, can't land a single attack on him with Star Platinum. Pucci ultimately ends up slicing both Jotaro and Star Platinum in half - lengthwise.
  • Jolyne's death. Being reduced to nothing more than subatomic particles is not a nice way to die.

Part 7 (Steel Ball Run)

  • Axl Ro's Stand, Civil War, which attacks by manifesting the guilt and sacrifices made by the opponent and fusing with their bodies. Hot Pants and the body of her deceased younger brother, Johnny and "Danny", etc.
  • Two words: SCARY MONSTERS.
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Funny Valentine's Stand. It has the ability to travel to parallel worlds, and transport people to and from them. If two alternate universe selves meet, they fuse together before exploding into menger sponges and ceasing to exist (something Funny Valentine himself is immune to thanks to D4C's ability).
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