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  • In the last episode of the Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure OVA, of all places. Following a long and sublime series of apathetic-to-sullen ass kickery culminating in beating the blood-spurting hell out of his immortal, nigh-onto-godlike nemesis who had just done away with all his companions, Jotaro's tearful smile at the parting scene is a real sunshine moment. Whoever knew he had it in him?
  • In the 4th arc Josuke has just met his father Joseph for the first time, and he's not happy. It doesn't help that Joseph is almost senile and Josuke has a short fuse. But when the two find and need to save an invisible baby (really) from drowning, Josuke has had enough and tells off Joseph who cuts his own wrist to find where the girl fell in the water. He does this because he states in his own words "I just wanted you to be proud of me." Josuke, who had been calling Joseph "Mr. Joestar" from then on calls him dad.
  • A major scene in Part 5 where after finding out the Boss plans to kill Trish, Buccellati decides to betray Passione and the group is forced to make a major decision; follow Buccellati and be branded traitors or stay with the organization. Of the group, only Fugo states he has no intentions to follow. Abbachio, Mista and Giorno all step into the boat, choosing Buccellati over Passione. However, the true moment comes from Narancia, who agonises over what to do, and begs Buccellati to decide for him. Buccellati orders him to stay, since if he can't come willingly then he shouldn't bother. In the end, the boat drives off without Narancia, leaving him with Fugo. As he watches them leave, Narancia realises that he and Trish are the same, having been betrayed by someone they trust, and chooses to defy Buccellati's orders and leap into the water, swimming after the boat while screaming for them to wait as Fugo looks on, stunned.
  • Toward the end of Steel Ball Run, after years of animosity between them over the death of Johnny's brother, Johnny's father shows up at the start of the final leg of the race to cheer him on.
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