Jim C. Hines, writer of the Goblin Quest (or Jig the Goblin) -series, which is basically (well, starts out as) a flip perspective version of your average dungeon crawl, and along the way it involves accidental heroism, people pretending to be stupid in order to survive, forgotten gods, whiny princes getting their arses kicked, braincontrolling fairies, snooty elves, a lost lonely girl getting her wish, a dragon getting offed, a cook wielding a spoon, a war with an army of goblins and orcs and suchlike that got mobilized by "if you follow me, you won't have to be afraid of humans again" and the smarter of the royal siblings getting succesion rights, awesome scenery and cute little firespider pets.

He also wrote something called the Princess Series, which are about what happens if you get the princesses from the non-family-friendly version of a fairytale fix their own problems, action girl style. It is rather awesome.

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