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In 1975, über-producer Aaron Spelling came up with an outrageous idea -- a TV show about three female detectives who run around without bras. Back then, women rarely had leading roles in hour-long series, and they certainly did not run around without bras. Charlie's Angels changed all that, introducing a spellbound nation to the Jiggle Show. A show that featured a whole lot of women running in slow-motion.

It kicked off a whole sub-genre of shows, like Baywatch, which combined women and Slow Motion. Some of them even had plots and stuff. Sorta.

See also Girls Behind Bars, Gainaxing and the Video Game tropes Jiggle Physics and Panty Fighter.

Examples of Jiggle Show include:


  • A scene in Airplane! featured a brief gag where the plane begins shaking. A shot starts centering on a dish of jiggling jello then pans over to a woman's jiggling chest. The gag gets rehashed in the sequel.
  • Angels Revenge

Live Action TV

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