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  • Even after Gizmo and Mammoth are defeated, Susano proves himself a match for all the Titans at once. Then he threatens to destroy the Tower, in order to insure the Titans only get a Pyrrhic Victory -- which pisses Starfire off, and she proceeds to curbstomp him.
    • During the first fight with the HIVE trio, Beast Boy distracts Mammoth by flitting about him as a hummingbird, then changes into a hippo and lands on him. It doesn't do much, due to Mammoth being a One-Man Army, but it was still a clever move.
  • Cyborg tricking Guerra into collapsing the parking garage they're fighting in on top of himself. Bonus points to Guerra for holding up the part that falls directly on top of him.
  • Midnight manipulating Thunder and Lightning, not by playing on their naivety (like Slade in canon), but by using the skills at her disposal (i.e. her looks). And then, when Robin sneak attacks her, and she has the upper hand in the fight the whole time.
    • That being said, every time Midnight fights the Titans, and she shows how skilled she is by never losing control of any of the fights until the latter half of the fight in her lair.
  • For a minor character example, two priests of the Church of Krypton (a Superman-worshipping religion) gunning down the Human Defense League members who just attacked their congregation.
  • Raven's bodyguard Donald showing that he's willing and able to go toe-to-toe with Cyborg (Raven calls him off before they can fight, but it's still impressive).
  • During Midnight's three-pronged attack on the city, Jinx defends the Tower from at least a dozen of Midnight's Mecha-Mooks by herself, after being locked outside by the Tower's automated defenses. By the time the other Titans get back, she's half-conscious, and all the robots have been reduced to scrap.
  • In the "Fear" chapter, Jinx is the first to overcome her nightmare (in her case, memories of her Dark and Troubled Past), and sets about helping the others break free of theirs.
    • Starfire nearly managing to One-Hit Kill the Eldritch Abomination responsible for the nightmares by burying her fist in its head. It survives that, but is so badly hurt that it flees, only to be finished off by Midnight.
  • Midnight and Robin have a back and forth during the Red X incident: he manages to throw her off balance (which, considering how stoic she'd been during their encounters, is impressive), then she figures out the plot and turns it around on him, including using Ai as a decoy, Robin manages to overpower the physically more powerful robot, and then Midnight sneak attacks him, before planting the seeds of paranoia in his head.
  • The entire battle in Midnight's lair at the climax of the Jump City Arc -- Jinx's (literal) Batman Gambit, Starfire's Unstoppable Rage assault on Midnight, and the combined final attack are the biggest standouts.
    • Earlier in the chapter, Beast Boy, of all people, rallying the Titans to keep fighting without calling the League for help.

 Beast Boy: So that's it, Robin is taken and we go running to the big boys for help? We didn't sign up as some league of sidekicks! We've been protecting this city our way without the League, and if we go to them that's the end of it!

Cyborg: Beast Boy, this isn't…

Beast Boy: It IS the time for this! If we quit when it gets tough, what are we worth? The League, the heroes that started it, didn't become what they are by passing the buck when the stakes went higher than they wanted. It's just like when the HIVE crashed in here. We lose Robin and suddenly we can't wipe ourselves? Is this a team or a kingdom? Robin's had all our backs, even when we might have wanted him to back off; well, this time we can't expect him to turn up and fix things! If we're a team, we need to come to his rescue, like he would for us. If we've done what we can do, what would Robin do?

  • Slade gets one when he punishes Ai for her betrayal by lulling her into a false sense of security, and then runs her through with Excalibur, destroying her.
  • Credit should be given to Wintergreen for being able to tell Slade, to his face, that his idea to recruit Terra as a professional rival for Raven is a monumentally stupid idea, and getting away with it.
  • Jinx managing to resist Mad Mod's Mind Probe, not giving up any information on the White Glove, even after he's pumped her full of truth serum in addition to the hypno screen he's using. True, this causes her mind to more or less collapse, but she still gets credit. Plus, even after her breakdown, she still holds her own against his tech, and manages to single-handedly crash his entire system (albeit with Robin's guidance).
    • It's nice seeing the MPA put the HDL in their place, in the defense of their kind.
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