• Ear Worm: So Close and Not That Far Away. Though both songs have different themes, it's also Hilarious in Hindsight since both titles — technically — mean the same. Also, "Generation Love."
  • She Really Can Sing: Much surprise has been expressed at the fact that, unlike most manufactured singing acts, Jennette has genuine singing talent, which she could possibly translate into a real music career. It probably helps that she went country, and in doing so refused to sign with Nickelodeon's label. Country appears to suit her voice much better. Even people who loathe all other Disney/Nick acts have expressed a liking for Jennette's music.
  • Retroactive Recognition: She was in 2 different episodes of Malcolm in the Middle, one as the Gender Flip version of Dewey and another as one of Dewey's classmates. When Nick at Nite first started showing Malcolm in the Middle, they actually promoted the airing of those episodes by saying she was in it.
  • Tear Jerker: Homeless Heart, which was dedicated to her now deceased friend, Cody Waters.
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