Jason "Will Bad-ass 4 food" Statham

Jason Statham is a Badass. Using his accent when saying his name is mandatory.

A resident of the UK and expert kickboxer, Statham is one of the few remaining straight-up action stars in Hollywood. He first drew attention for his roles in the films of Guy Ritchie (especially Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), but became a bona fide star with The Transporter and Crank films; he is also a frequent collaborator with Jet Li and has also done voice-overs for Red Faction II and the original Call of Duty.

A good rule of thumb when considering Jason Statham movies for viewing: if the film in question cannot be alternatively titled Jason Statham Drives A Car And Kills People (While Scowling A Lot), it most likely isn't that good.

Holds the dubious honor of being the only major Hollywood Action star to NEVER have played a kind, soft-hearted and/or sensitive character (though his interaction with his young charge in the second The Transporter film somewhat subverts this); judging from the success and popularity of his cold and mean-spirited typecast, he probably never will.


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