James: (As Inspector Gadget) You fucked up.

 James: Oh no! Not Tuesday!

 James: That was pretty good actually.

Female: You want another one?

James: *quickly* No.

    • And there's the ending:

 James: Michelangelo, you're disgusting! You are no longer my favorite turtle. Fuck you for inventing these horrible pizzas.

Everyone: (While Flipping the Bird, turtle style) FUCK YOU, MICHELANGELO!

  • During his Fifth Monster Madness (Sequel-A-Thon) in the Nightmare on Elm Street review, he notes that Wes Craven seems to have a thing for booby traps. He then muses that Wes Craven should've directed the Home Alone movies. Cut to a clip of Home Alone 2 where a makeshift flamethrower burns the head of a photoshopped Freddy Krueger with high pitched screaming.
  • The Mailbag Episodes, where he reads and responds to some of the emails (and YouTube messages) that he receives from his fans: some of the best and some of the worst. This includes nice emails, funny emails, hatemail and the such. One of the funniest has got to be in Episode 3, where he receives a positive email from a fan whose grasp of the English language is greatly put in question (and likely a joke email), and the further James gets reading it, the less control he has over his laughter. The email ends with a line that sends James into uncontrollable laughter: Live like a windrammer as you fuck.
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