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"James Monroe's colossal nose, was bigger than Pinocchio's."
Animaniacs, the Presidents Song.

The Fifth US President and the last of the founding fathers to hold high office.

During his term, Monroe brought five states into the Union and proclaimed something known as the Monroe Doctrine (written by then Secretary of State John Quincy Adams), stating that the US would oppose European influence in Central and Southern America, a policy which would extend to the USSR, by virtue of it being in Europe. (Meaning that if any meddling needed done in the western hemisphere, the U.S. alone would do it.) He also signed the Missouri Compromise which was the first major slavery issue in US history. Liberia named its capital Monrovia after him.

He won his second term with nearly 100% of the vote. His opponent, John Quincy Adams, only received one Electoral College vote. According to Urban Legend, this was not because of petty partisan politics, but because the lone New Hampshire Elector felt that Washington deserved the honor of being the only man elected unanimously. That or he was hinting that Adams could be up next as a potential candidate. In reality, the Elector in question didn't like his policies.

Monroe's service wasn't terribly memorable; he was President during the so-called Era of Good Feelings, where he idled, had Secretary of State John Quincy Adams sign treaties, and let the northern, southern, and western parts of the United States bicker about the economy and slavery. Yep.

A one-minute biography can be found here.

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