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"What the fuck have you done lately?"
Wesley Gibson, Wanted

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor known for a variety of well-received roles and memorable characters. He jump-started his career as Steve from Shameless and went on to star in Band of Brothers, which first brought him to the attention of Hollywood.

From being once solely known as "that guy who played Mr. Tumnus", McAvoy has since achieved mainstream success and acclaim after starring as the lead roles in Academy Award-nominated Atonement as Robbie Turner and The Last King of Scotland as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, as well as box office hits Wanted as Wesley Gibson and, most recently, X Men First Class as Charles Xavier. Don't forget Arthur Christmas...!

McAvoy describes himself as "not ugly, but not your classic lead man, Brad Pitt guy". His fans beg to disagree.

He is known for his strikingly Blue Eyes, red lips and crying in pretty much every movie he's ever been in.

He is married to fellow Shameless actress Anne Marie Duff, has a baby son and currently resides in London.

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