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A producer, screenwriter, director, and occasional actor whose works are usually critical hits.

Friends and collaborators with music composer Hans Zimmer.

Has his own production company.

Won Academy Awards for picture, director and screenplay for Terms of Endearment, and was also nominated for producing Broadcast News, Jerry Maguire, and As Good as It Gets and for writing Broadcast News and As Good as It Gets. He is one of only seven directors to win for writing, directing and producing a film.[1]

Gracie Films

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Brooks' production company, established in 1984 and named for comedienne Gracie Allen.

The Vanity Plate takes place in a cinema room where a lady shushes noisy attendees as the lights dim, and the words "GRACIE FILMS" appear on screen while accompanied by a catchy, jazzy, jingle composed by Jeffrey Townsend.

Some people have said that the jingle was inspired by the chorus of the Go West! song "The King of Wishful Thinking," but the logo and jingle actually predate the song by a couple of years.

Notable works with the involvement of Brooks and or Gracie Films...or just Brooks


Television Series

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