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  • In the episode where Finn (of the enforcers) gets a shawdowkhan mask stuck to the seat of his pants, why doesn't he realize that he can pull the pants down to use the bathroom?
    • Because that STILL means he's exposing himself to a demon general. Er, oni general. Same diff.
    • Or, he can't, because Ikazuki is stuck too tightly to him.
  • I have a Headscratcher of my own. If Dragon can steal the power of residual demon chi of the immortal weapons, why didn't he go after the Sword of the immortals when he lost his powers?
  • Is "Valmont" a first or last name? Also, if it is a first name, what's his last name, and if it it a last name, what's his first name?
    • I swore I saw somewhere that said his first name was "Niles" though I do not recall if this was during any episode or simply someone making up a name for him. If not, then considering that Finn, Ratso, and Chow are likely on a first-name basis, then Valmont is probably the first.
    • On the other hand, he's also referred to as Mr. Valmont on several occasions, though people are known to do that with first names.
  • How did Tohru get so big if he grew up in Japan but doesn't like fish?
    • Genetics? Maybe his father was a tremendous giant of a man too.
    • Apparently Tohru's actually not that big for Japanese guys, in the JCA universe. When the J-Team has to participate in a martial arts tournament and they register Tohru as a sumo wrestler, he protests "But I am small for a sumo!" You think he's just being silly, but then you see the actual sumo wrestlers who are almost literally the size of small mountains.
  • The Dragon talisman can't find an animal host in season 3 because of the lack of dragons in the world. Did they ever address the Komodo Dragon?
    • That's a lizard. The English name for that animal isn't really something ancient magic stuff is gonna adhere to.
    • My question is about why they didn't use Haiku to change something into a dragon or even have Haiku change into a dragon.
    • Way didn't they say the Lock ness Monster was a dragon?
  • Why does Shendu specifically target Jackie to be inside when he changes the Book of Ages in the Demon World two-parter. Sure, Jackie was his enemy and he wanted to get back at him in some way. But couldn't he have just taken some random schmuck's body there in Australia and have changed the book without Jackie, Ms. Save the World Jade, Uncle or Tohru ever knowing about. Instead, he involves the main characters and they are able to change the world back anyway. He deserves to be tortured by his family for that.
    • Because Jackie is always the one who screws up Shendu's plans. By Shendu's reasoning, if Jackie is the one to execute the plan, he can't very well be the one who interrupts at the last minute to stop it. And let's face it, he's being Genre Savvy here. If he'd picked some guy completely at random, Jackie and the crew still would have either heard about it somehow or stumbled onto the plot completely at random while they were doing something else, because that's how the show works. Shendu's plan actually came much closer to working because he picked Jackie... if he hadn't, he probably never would have even gotten to the book in the first place, let alone gotten to make the changes.
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