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  Bam: Please, God, don't let there be a Jackass 3!

  • Ho Yay: The gayness of the show, especially when it comes to Chris Pontius and Johnny Knoxville. The series made Knoxville a gay idol.
    • Lampshaded in a deleted scene — Bam warns the audience that the Dickhouse[1] logo (a rainbow) will appear before homosexual scenes.


    • Bam later corkscrews into Wee Man's crotch, who was wearing a wig. Yeah.
    • The first few minutes of the intro to Jackass 3D consist of groin attacks/petting and ass-slapping in gay costumes set to the Dickhouse logo.
    • One instance of "Pontius playing baseball with his dick" had Bam slam into his crotch face-first.
    • The music video they made for Karazy is this.
    • If that wasn't enough, there's that photoshoot they had for Rolling Stone, all huddled together... naked.
  • Large Ham:
    • For a show with little acting, Ham Margera.
    • Brandon DiCamillo. Look up "BMX Joust" and watch him spectacularly outdo Bam in hamness.
    • Everyone during stunts involving jumping into a lake with rockets attached. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MARK ZUPAN IS GOING TO JUMP THE ENTIRE LAKE!!!!!"
  • Nausea Fuel: Considering the point of the show, it's to be expected, but...
    • Hands-down, the most disgusting one ever was the tail end of the horse scene in Jackass Number Two — a scene so bad that it made a crew member vomit on set. Chris Pontius drinks horse semen. It was even blurred out in the theatrical version. There, now do you still wish you wanted to know that?
    • Jackass 2.5 reveals they also splashed it on a cameraman. The container was washed out and replaced with water, mind you, but it still disgusted the rest of the crew.
    • Dave England shits on a toyhouse toilet, gets the same reaction of disgust. The cameraman dry retches rather painfully.
    • The poo volcano in Jackass 3D, which is about as shitty as it sounds.
    • The climax of Jackass 3D — Steve-O is strapped into a porta-potty filled with all kinds of shit (literally) and flung high into the air. The cameras get covered in shit, there's a shit shower, it was so disgusting that nearly everyone puked..
    • The Sweatsuit Cocktail. Preston works out vigorously while wrapped in plastic wrap, and his resulting sweat (taken lovingly from his crotch and ass crack) is funneled into a cup. Which Steve-O then drinks. Remember Lance Bangs, the man who vomited during England's poop-encrusted adventures with a hardware store, a dollhouse, and during the horse scene? This scene causes Lance to throw up on his own camera.
    • England eats the ingredients of an omelette, then proceeds to vomit it back up. He then takes said vomit and cooks an omelette, which he eats. During the segment, Johnny Knoxville wears a Hazmat Suit. It's for humor value, but you kind of get where he's coming from.
  • Tear Jerker: This video tribute to Ryan Dunn put out by Dickhouse Productions.


  1. (an actual company name)
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