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Jack Chick is really an anthropomorphic personification of Religious Intolerance, Hatred and Bigotry.

He makes Chick Tracts to reinforce the views of the remaining intolerant christian groups, out of fear of the motions towards tolerance and acceptance put forth by the rest of the religion. People either believe him, or hate him- A win/win situation for him, as either makes him stronger!

Jack Chick is cursed.

He's was turned into a human, and was given the personalty of the creature he was before: a donkey. So he's a jackass.

  • It's not really a stealth pun if you pothole it.
    • Also this is Wild Mass Guessing. People came here to make outrageous guesses. Noint to read up actual honest to goodness facts.
  • I as a Christan support this theory.

Jack Chick got saved in prison.

Many of his Tracts are about someone getting saved in prison, and they're generally portrayed as better Christians than everyone else. In one Tract, he defines a prison term in the Footnotes.

  • He worked with a prison ministry for some time, actually. Maybe, after being in prison, he later decided to join the prison ministry?
    • Jack Chick got raped while in prison, and that's why he hates gays.

Jack Chick doesn't exist.

He's never given an interview, and there's only one picture out there that's purported to show him, but there's no way to verify if it's genuine. I've never even heard of anybody who's seen him personally. Given how the quality of his art has changed over time, and the completely over-the-top messages, it's clear that his work is produced either by a group, or a succession of people.

  • This troper knew a girl who purported to be forced into drawing these from a 'script', and forced into a Tract group. (In essence, several 'troubled teens' who are forced into a group with a 'unknown' mole reporting on their discussions.) I personally believe it. (It's evil enough.)
  • Apparently he has given one interview, which is where the Quote comes from, but if we assume that's fake also, it would make sense to say that he's a Stealth Parody of Protestant Christianity.

Alternatively Jack Chick is real, but he is the world's most committed performance artist.

He has been doing a bit on mindless hatred and human stupidity since he founded Chick Publications in 1961.

Jack Chick does it For the Evulz

  • He knows what he's promoting is insane, but doesn't care because he's off his meds and likes promoting chaos.
  • Or Jack Chick is an irl troll who's been trolling since before the internet was around...

Jack is actually a demon.

He's one of many demons Satan sent to discredit the Christian faith. The real God is far more tolerant(or at least sane) than what Jack wants us to believe. The reason why we never see Jack is also due to Satan: since he failed to get anyone to take him seriously, Lucifer punished him by preventing people from noticing him.

Jack Chick has finally kicked the bucket. His legacy of crazy lives on in Chick Publications.

  • All subsequent tracts are being put out by whoever inherited the company.

Jack Chick is really Jack Thompson. Jack Thomas is really Jack Napier

Three crazy men who all happen to be named Jack. Coincidence? I think not.

  • That would explain why he hasn't made a Tract attacking Video Games yet; he has his alter ego to do it for him. And if Chick attacked Video Games, he'd probably make the same non-sequitur arguments as Thompson, such as hating a kid-friendly console because it just happens to play Grand Theft Auto, so he keeps them separate.

Jack Chick doesn't really exist, and is really someone created by a group of Atheists satirizing Christianity

Unfortunately, it has become a huge, HUGE, HUGE Springtime for Hitler.

  • Alternatively, and more wild, Jack Chick was created as an over-the-top self-parody by Christian fundamentalists. Not only do they get to laugh at those heathen Atheists who actually believe that this loony is real, they also make themselves look far more appealing by comparison.
    • Alternatively, he's a Christian, yet satirises Christianity so that people will think he's trolling, his tracts will become popular for all the wrong reasons, and more people would be exposed to the Bible verses contained therein. Just as planned.

Jack Chick was a pagan before he converted to Christianity.

Who else could be behind The Legend of Zelda CDI Games? Of course, that would mean that he actually took those games seriously.

  • Jossed. He made his first tract circa 1967, and the Zelda CD-I games were developed around 1992-1993.

Jack Chick is actually an AI.

In order to make artificial intelligence more human-like, they needed an AI that believed in religion. Jack Chick was one of the early models. There are a few other similar models running around. But don't worry - they've fixed the problems. You can't even tell the difference now. And they've expanded the work to other areas now, as well...

Alberto Rivera, the ex-Catholic priest featured in his tracts who is also an Ascended Extra, is the Man Behind the Man.

That explains the discrepancies in Chick's tracts. Unlike Chick who is raised in an Evangelical Protestant environment, Rivera is a Spanish ex-Catholic priest. Rivera is indeed a walking Dan Browned former Spanish "Inquisitor".

  • This one might actually be true, considering Rivera seems to be Chick's only source.

Uncyclopedia's article about Jack Chick is actually the real story.

  • And so is Encyclopedia Dramatica's.

Jack Chick's attack against other fundamentalists like Billy Graham are actually to boost Jack Chick's sales.

And the reverse is probably true.

Jack Chick is actually employed by the CIA.

The alleged Soviet Vatican connection is true, but is the reverse; half of the Vatican is controlled by the KGB, thus spawning those "Liberation Theology" movements. So the US government employed Jack Chick, who is a genuine Evangelical Protestant, to hype up their hatred against Dirty Communists. When anti-Communist John Paul II took over, he ordered The Purge against Marxist priests. Jack Chick is probably now genuinely involved in anti-Catholicism this time, so the CIA pulled the plug. That also explains Jack Chick's later attacks against the CIA.

Chick is being paid off by the Church of Scientology.

He has criticized nearly every form of belief(and non-belief)in existence but he has never made a peep about one of the easiest targets out there. Alternatively he just fears their lawyers.

  • Alternatively Jack Chick knows that if he attacked Scientology people might be more forgiving of it.

Jack Chick is a devout Christian with the initials J. C. Discuss.

  • Nah, too unrealistic. Also, his initials are JTC.
    • Could stand for "Jesus The Christ."
    • ...He's Kamen Rider Strike?
  • His DNA got saved. He'll later be cloned twice with a third time later, Paul and JC Denton, followed by Alex Denton. JC goes by JC because he hates his namesake (who he doesn't know he's a clone of).

Jack Chick's version of God is actually The Truth's alter ego

Think about it: both are evil or at least neutral but very sadistic and both are The Blank. Also, it could be that Jack Chick's God is actually keeping all the truth in the Gate of Truth, making mankind ignorant in the process; in addition, he may be able to warp reality to fool the protagonists of the Chick Tracts, allowing them to preach ignorance, and in that aspect it may also be possible that the Idea of Evil from Berserk may also be the same entity as The Truth and Jack Chick's God, being probably his heart, seing as The Idea of Evil is shaped like a human heart

Jack Chick is from Lyra's World.

That's why he's so intolerant about other beliefs. He hates the Catholic Church so much because that due to the fact that John Calvin became pope in her [Lyra's] world, the Magisterium would probably look more like Calvinism than Catholicism, and he sees the Church of this world as being a perversion of the Church he knows and loves. Of course, this is probably jossed due to the fact that assuming the events of The Amber Spyglass occured around 1997, he should be dead by now, as somebody can only survive in another universe for a little over a decade.

  • Maybe they missed a portal, and he makes regular trips back home for his health?
  • Alternately...

Jack Chick exists in a parallel universe where everything he says is true.

This is why no one seems to know anything about him. He's actually from a parallel universe which is exactly as described in his tracts, down to the exact detail. Unlike the previous WMG, Jack Chick is not a dimensional traveler; he still exists in his home dimension but his website was somehow managed to manifest in our dimension for unknowable reasons. He is likely unaware that this has even occurred or that our universe exists at all.

Jack Chick is Jack of Fables.

Jack Chick is communicating clearly.

He really believes God Is Evil, but that morality doesn't matter because He is too powerful to resist. That is why he constantly uses the message that all that matters for salvation is open and genuine submission, with actual morality or good works (other than evangelism) utterly irrelevant. He believes that the Catholic Church is in league with Satan because of their focus on moral living (as the Church defines it) as opposed to giving constant praise would doom their followers. He refuses to learn about his other targets since anything that contradicts his beliefs is just Satan screwing with him.

  • This is less Wild Mass Guessing and more Perfectly Reasonable Conjecture, in this troper's eyes.

Jack Chick is completely correct about everything!

Really, what could be more wild than if this guy's ravings were actually true? You see, since everything is the result of a massive global conspiracy headed by Satan and the Vatican, the complete lack of verifiable proof is itself proof of the conspiracy's ability to cover things up! Any other problems can be explained away with Satan's powers, because according to Chick Demonic Magic is actually a real thing; you just need to say the right words and even if you don't believe them, things will happen. It makes perfect sense!

The Jesuits are Time Lords

Which is how, at least according to Chick and Alberto Rivera, they could have founded Islam in the 7th century when the Society of Jesus was not formed until the 16th.

The kid from Wounded Children isn't a Demon but a daemon.

The "evil" daemon is not only the kids only companion but also apprently his moral compass. The only actual evil acts he commits are trying to convince the kid to commit suicide, but then he immediately rejects the idea (representing a quick burst of suicidal impulse.) He is male because the kid is gay and shaped like a demon becuase he's constantly being told that he's immoral by the world around him.

Jack Chick has been tricked into making the tracts by Xaviax

It's obvious that he's a third version of Kamen Rider Strike (fourth if you want to count Ohja). Remember that James Trademore's blogging name was "JTC". According to This Site Jack Chick's middle name is Thomas, therefore his full initials would also be "JTC". Obviously Xaviax isn't dead and escaped to another world, Strike was fairly easy to manipulate so Xaviax decided to manipulate the version of Strike in this world, obviously the man in the photo atop his TVTropes page is Xaviax disguised as someone else to manipulate Mr.Chick.

Jack Chick is The Inquisition

  • Didn't expect that.

Jack Chick is Satan.

His comics are intentionally presumptous, inaccurate and shallow in order to humiliate the concept of Christianity and encourage the reader to cheer on the evil or corrupted characters.

In The Nervous Witch, Bob mercilessly obliterates Holly in order to send her to hell, then burns Sam's house down.

Notice how, after the demon that possessed Holly flees, Holly is not seen again in the comic. Later, Bob tells Sam to burn all of the Harry Potter merchandise in her room, and we see them standing in front of a large fire emitting an enormous cloud of smoke. This is the smoldering remnants of Sam's home, which she and Bob felt was entirely tainted by evil. Sam's mother is absent, so she was obviously inside the house when the two of them lit it aflame.

The evil Catholic/atheist/gay/Muslim/pagan/etc conspiracy is real, but...

Jack Chick himself is working for it. His task is to discredit those who might Pull the Thread by writing up ridiculous, Anvilicious cartoon tracts "supporting" their theories with the flimsiest possible arguments so that nobody can ever take these ideas seriously.

Jack Chick is a T-1000

Jack Chick was sent from the future to destroy logical thought and create comics that angered people so much that they swore to have vengeance on Jack Chick. However, he doesn't really exist, so they're just banging at walls.

Nancy from Unloved actually had a crappy life.

Taking cues from the "Everyone's life actually sucked without the Critic" theory, I offer these little tidbits to the table.

  • Nancy's straight A's were manipulated C's.
  • Although she did get the lawyer job, she actually lost her first case and was blocking the speaker so the parents couldn't hear her client screaming, "MISTRIAL!" You can also see sweat falling off her and her face screams embarrassment. Furthermore, she is making half of what her parents claimed she was making.
  • She really married some guy and not the senator nor being rich, lying to impress her parents even more.
    • That or he lied to her.
    • Either way, she only tells her parents she got married after the fact -- doesn't exactly indicate a positive relationship with her parents (or, possibly, her new husband) that they weren't aware of her relationship beforehand. Actually, the overall impression is that she only made contact over the phone between graduation and one visit to let them meet her kids when they were three -- she had to introduce her children, after all.
  • She is having dinner with the president. Of a fan club. Again, lying to impress her parents.

Chick is a parody artist/fictional character/pen name.

Tara Gillespie and Jack Chick are the same person.

  • Who better to do a Stealth Parody than the My Immortal girl(?) herself? Both of them misrepresent Roman Catholics and Protestants, so why not?

Jack Chick is an angel.

More specifically, he's a very uptight angel, and makes propaganda for God. However even God thought he was demonizing non-believers too much, so he was booted out.

Jack Chick is a member of the Jacks of All Trades.

This would explain all the secrecy about his life--he doesn't want Silas, Miss Lupescu, and other members of the Honour Guard tracking him down.

The Vatican is on to Jack...

and will send their High Priest Assassin Warlock, Charlie Sheen, to silence him.

  • I can't believe I'm saying this,but if he actually succeeds,I might become a fan of him(Sheen,not Chick,not Chick ever)

Jack Chick is the nega-Jonathan Coulton.

Both are artists, though in different mediums. One is an old, clean-shaven guy while the other is fairly young and looks a bit like a hippie. Coulton loves geek culture while Chick finds such things evil. Coulton has a fantastic sense of humor while Chick... well, he thinks he has one. Chick is close-minded and intolerant, while Coulton's a pretty chill, non-judgmental guy. Their initials are both J. C. (as mentioned above, which helped inspire this particular WMG). The connections are too many to discount. The reason is obvious.

Chick, with his messages of hatred, misinformation, and intolerance, is actually an envoy of Satan in order to drive people away from true Christianity, given the initials of Christ in an attempt at subconsciously tempting his readers. God learned of this, and so sent his own envoy, the exact opposite of Chick but also designated with the same initials, this time looking vaguely like his son (hence the Beard of Awesome sorta-hippie look) as a sort of "signature." When Coulton gains enough fans, their combined belief will bestow him with a holy version of The Power of Rock and allow him to use his music to destroy Chick once and for all, ushering humanity into a new Golden Age.


  • The only hiccup to the plan would be if Chick turned out to not exist.

Jack Chick is Seth Mc Farlane.

He drew the Family Guy characters perfectly in one of his tracts.

  • Also, he knows Stewie is gay. That'd require research, which is just plain out-of-character for him.

Susy Barnes is either gay or bisexual

She does tend to focus her efforts on female converts. I myself am bisexual and had similar problems with self-righteousness at her age.

Chick is our universe's version/will be reincarnated as Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    • Both are racist,Frollo towards Gypsies ---->Chick towards Blacks,Native Americans,possibly more.
    • Both are extremely self-righteous and Holier Than Thou
    • Both are older,unattractive men,(sorry fangirls)
    • Both think that piousness excuses child abuse(Frollo towards Quasimodo--->Chick has plenty of stories of child beaters,one with an unrepentant one in fact)
    • Both are hate anyone different from them.
    • Both have a particular set of favorite Acceptable Targets,(Frollo-->Gypsies Chick-->Catholics)
    • Frollo's choice of faiths makes this pretty ironic though.
    • Just like Frollo Chick sees "..Corruption ev'rywhere except within..."

Jack Chick is honestly mistaken.

His so-called source for the Catholic conspiracy data is a known fraud, but Jack appears convinced he was an actual bishop, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Jack Chick is actually a Militant Atheist Troll

His whole shtick is basically a personification of what many a Hollywood Atheist believes of Christians in general; that Christians are all intolerant, bigoted, and consider anyone who commits the slightest wrong to be guaranteed an eternity in Hell. Extra bonus points for his views on rock music. Call it Poe's Law, or call it a case of the Vocal Minority, but he's contradicted himself so many times, and with as many times as he's quoted The Bible, it's hard to imagine he's either missed or wrongly understood any reference to Jesus calling out the Pharisees and being friendly with known sinners. Plus, there's much more that points to this theory...

Jack Chick was converted by a tract that was as crazy or crazier than the ones he writes.

I don't see why not.

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