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Italo-Disco is a genre of music mostly derived from Disco and Europop. Hence its name, it was mostly made from Italy. Of course it was European and other countries like Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain, and others have musicians being part in this genre.

Italo-Disco started with a shift of popularity of Disco to Europe after the namesake Deader Than Disco movement in North America. Europeans, especially central ones, began making songs in simple english and using synthesizers to create the genre. Unlike traditional disco, it wasn't always aimed at LGB Ts and minorities. A whole lot of the songs are about love normally. Some songs are instrumental. Some are also about phenomenom. Notable artists include Ken Lazslo (Italy), Fancy (Germany), David Lyme (Spain), Scotch (Italy), Doctor's Cat (Italy), Albert One (Italy), Radiorama (Italy), Den Harrow (multiple origins), and some not so notable to be listed in this introduction.

Much of this genre's songs never got released to the United States, but a notable number those that did reach there became dance hits. Italo Disco never reached to massive popularity in North America and Australia, but besides Europe, they're also popular in Latin America, the Philippines, and the Soviet Union.

Italo-Disco wasn't in the mainstream 80s culture typically known internationally, but it would be so if spreaded more. The amazing part is that a lot of these songs are pure-80s sounding. You'll get beats, catchy tunes, and a joy to like those songs. Perhaps Italo Disco is supposed to be one of the best under-rated genres to the culture of music.

If you want a glimpse of Italo-Disco, listen to this online radio station and other songs if you look up on Italo Disco.

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