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  • Scads of them, but the Banana Peel example ends the film on a truly classic note.
  • "Except you, lady. May you just drop DEAD!"
    • "Okay, so we all agree on that..."
  • Pike trashing the gas station. ALL OF IT.
    • "That's it, Irwin-- we're gonna have to kill him!"
    • And the nearby police watching the whole thing in disbelief.

 "Holy jumping! They're going back for more!"

    • "My arm! You broke my arm!"
    • Then after the whole thing is over, the police move in:

 Cop: "Are you fellas' alright?"

Ray: "Now they show up! Where were you when we needed you?"

Irwin: "Writing parking tickets, I suppose."

Cop: (in disbelief) "They're still alive!"

  • The Crumps' attempts to break out of the locked store room.
  • Russell and Hawthorne's fight. None of their punches connect -- they either duck, or just fail on their own (the final shot of them before the intermission has them aim punches at each other only for their fists to collide halfway across). Fantastic.
    • Then this line after the Intermission:

 Hawthorne: Whatever the outcome of the day, I shall never forget that you hit me when I wasn't even looking!

Russell (Smiles wistfully): Yeah...

  • The clip show of catastrophe right before the intermission. All the set-ups come to a fantastic finish here... and then a pleasant pause with some nice music while you're picking yourself off the floor.
  • The Three Stooges' wordless five-second cameo.
  • Benjy and Dingy in the airplane.

 Dingy: What's this coming?!

Benjy: That's good, that's cement.

 Benjy: Dingy, don't let this worry you: we're gonna get killed.

    • And the air-control tower trying to talk them down.

 Controller: Why don't we just shoot 'em down and be through with it?

    • And how about when the air control tower told them to stay calm? Dingy and Benjy become calm like they're told, but Dingy quickly snaps out of it in time to see Benjy with a goofy expression on his face serenely letting go of the controls.

 Dingy: {{[[[Dope Slap]] Dope slaps}} Benjy] Not that calm, you idiot!

    • Also this exchange, when Dingy is trying to snap Benjy out of his frozen fear state:

 Dingy: {{[[[Dope Slap]] Dope slaps}} Benjy a few times] Damn it! Come to!

Benjy: [Snaps out of it] You hit me!

    • There's also when the tower tells them that the person at the controls has to be the one on the radio, and Dingy tries to force the headset onto a noncooperative Benjy:

 Benjy: What, you want me to fly the plane and work the radio? What are you, the hostess?!

  • Russell, Hawthorne, and Mrs. Marcus are having a fight by the side of the road when Jack Benny drives by:

 Benny: Trouble? Anyone having any trouble?

Mrs. Marcus: Yes! And we don't need any help from you!

Benny: ...Well!

  • Joe E. Brown doing what he does best: "Hey! Hey! HEEEEEEY!"
  • Sylvester's girlfriend go-go dancing in a bikini, with a stone face that Buster Keaton would envy.
  • Jerry Lewis driving over Culpepper's hat, after it got thrown out the window by accident.
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