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Goemon Ishikawa was a former Ninja gone rogue and a Japanese equivalent of Robin Hood, whose story is still featured in many Kabuki plays.

This legendary rogue is Shrouded in Myth and has given birth to many tales and myths. He was known for trying to assassinate Toyotomi Hideyoshi for a reason (some say he had his wife killed, others that he wanted to stop a tyrant), but was caught when he accidentally knocked off a bell. He was boiled alive in a iron kettle along with his son. With the last of his strength, he held the child out of the kettle.

Traditionally, Goemon tends to be portrayed as a Gentleman Thief and a Large Ham, often with Kabuki mannerism and huge, afro-like hair.

Works that features Goemon:

Anime and Manga

  • Lupin III has Goemon Ishikawa XIII, descendant of the real deal. In Dragon of Doom, Goemon is introduced watching the 400th anniversary of the Kabuki play about his ancestor.
  • Yaiba features Goemon in all his characteristics: Ninja-like outfit, Kabuki face paint, huge hair, oversized Kiseru and at least one cover reference his "bath". This one, however, can use Fuuma Shuriken and can turn in a Bear man.

Film - Live Action

  • The assassination attempt on James Bond in You Only Live Twice was attributed to Goemon himself. (note: said method, involving a rope and a bottle of poison, is shown in Yaiba too, seen above).

Video Games

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