Isabel Allende is a Chilean writer, living in The United States, with a lot of success worldwide. She is not the daughter of former Chilean President Salvador Allende as some might believe, but rather the daughter of a cousin of his (a mistake easy to make, since Salvador Allende does have a daughter named Isabel Allende, a senator in Chile).

She has written a lot of books, but in this wiki, only The House of the Spirits has a page. Which is a shame, because her books are entertaining for the right audience.

Which brings us to the sensitive topic. Due to some Hype Backlash and the concept of True Art for some people, she is very much a Love It or Hate It author. The press has lauded her many times, but people like critic Harold Bloom or fellow writer Roberto Bolano have bashed her numerous times. In her native country, the vitriol is ten times more accentuated.

So, you know the rule we use here: when you add something, be as neutral as you can.

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