A sister network of the Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery focuses on True Crime dramas, along with Docu Dramas. Crime Reconstructions are commonly used, and will occasionally be recycled among their original programming if multiple shows happen to focus on the same case.

Shows on this Network include:

  • 48 Hours on ID, a title automatically assigned to any 48 Hours episode that airs, along with those produced exclusively for the channel.
  • Behind Mansion Walls: focuses on crimes committed by wealthy people.
  • Blood Relatives: newest ID show. Spotlights murders committed within a family by family members.
  • Dark Minds: an unidentified Serial Killer gives insight on other cases.
  • Deadly Sins: spotlights murders using the theme of the seven deadly sins.
  • Deadly Women, which spotlights female murderers.
  • Disappeared: Focuses on the impact someone suddenly disappearing has on their family and friends. Most are unsolved cases.
  • The Devil You Know, about people discovering someone close to them is a criminal.
  • Fatal Encounters: shows how seemingly everyday interactions can lead to murder.
  • Forensic Detectives
  • Hostage: Do or Die, a retelling of hostage situations.
  • I (Almost) Got Away With It, which interviews criminals who evaded or escaped police for a period before finally being caught.
  • I Didn't Do It, which follows prisoners as they petition to prove their innocence from behind bars.
  • I Married A Mobster: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, but a few episodes have focused on the children of Mobsters.
  • Killer Trials: Judgement Day
  • On the Case with Paula Zahn
  • The New Detectives
  • Nightmare Next Door: a show about horrific murders committed in small towns.
  • Nothing Personal, a show about Contract Killers.
  • Scorned: Love Kills
  • Sins and Secrets: each week it focuses on a different city and either the victim, the accused, or both has a secret that may or may not have led to the crime (usually murder) that was committed.
  • Stalked: Someone's Watching: victims retell their stories of being stalked
  • Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets: Victim provides Posthumous Narration about how their case was solved and their killer brought to justice.
  • The Injustice Files: At the End of a Rope: typically aired during Black History Month, this focuses on bringing killers of African-Americans and others during the Civil Rights Movement to justice.
  • True Crime With Aphrodite Jones
  • Twisted
  • Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?: Like The Devil You Know, but specificially focuses on someone who unknowingly married a criminal.
  • Wicked Attraction: each episode focuses on murders committed by two people who are typically in a romantic relationship

Tropes commonly seen on this Network:

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