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  • There are quite a few... pretty much anytime Miroku shows his perverted side, or anytime he's called out on it, or anytime Kagome shouts "SIT!" or...
    • A specific example being in episode 100, when everyone but Inuyasha is trapped inside a moth demon's soul-sucking cocoon, he's ranting at Kagome and telling her that she can't be weak enough to just give in to death so easily, so he dares her to tell him to sit. Being asleep and inside a cocoon at the time, Kagome didn't hear that. But at the end of the episode, he practically begs her to say it, instead of the 'thank you' he got. He...sat.
    • And earlier, when Inuyasha and Miroku are discussing the finer points of cheating on a woman. Miroku is in the middle of saying how "--if either woman were to find out--" when Kagome interupts with a rather forceful "SIT!!!" Miroku acts as if he hasn't even noticed and concludes with...."--that's right. BIG sit."
    • That one was even funnier in the Italian dub, where they found a witty and suitable translation.
  • Totousai yanking out Inuyasha's tooth....and the scream that follows afterwards.
  • Inuyasha's attempt to fix a bicycle, which leaves it a twisted wreck of its former self.
  • A demon, which turns out to be Myoga's fiancée, starts possessing the heroes, causing them to attack each other. However, when it's Inuyasha's turn, instead of attacking, he acts like a total lunatic, bouncing and laughing, and by the end, things start to get.....weird.

 Shippo: But what about my dreams of falling in love with a woman, not a possessed male half-demon?!

Fan: I knew Inuyasha was too hot to be a straight guy!

  • Jinenji's mother whacking Inuyasha over the head with an entire tree...and he doesn't even flinch.
    • Subsequently, Inuyasha is startled to learn that she is Jinenji's human parent.
  • Sango scaring off some bullies picking on a little girl by using an experimental invisibility spell and Kirara's kitten form.
  • Kagome's school play and Inuyasha's clueless intrusion into it, forcing Kagome to ad lib wildly to keep her classmates from realizing what's going on. This culminates in the arrival of a huge watermelon youkai and Inuyasha blowing a huge hole in the roof with the Wind Scar, after which he and Kagome make their exit as though it's All Part of the Show. The crowd loves it.
    • Immediately after this, Inuyasha and Kagome find the last of the youkai that were loose on the school grounds. It's an enormous fish flopping helplessly around on the roof, unable to do anything.
    • It gets better. After finding it, the two decide to cook it for the school banquet. When it's presented, it's still flopping.
  • The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master. First Mushin gets the heroes to clean his temple, a process which features (among other things) an Imagine Spot from Kagome in the form of an infomercial about using Miroku's cursed hand as a glorified vacuum. Then he sends them to a particular mountain to fetch him some magical sake, and all of them get drunk from the sake mist - Shippo and Hachi shapeshift into Kagome and all three start singing and dancing, and Sango hits on Inuyasha while Miroku can only look on in horror. And to cap it all off, it turn out that Mushin isn't dying in the first place.
  • Sango groping Miroku's butt in order to make sure he isn't Shippo. What goes around comes around.
  • "ONIISAAN! Aw, he made a really mean face at me. And, Inu-Yasha, so are you."

  Inuyasha: Hearing it made me feel kinda sick.

  • In one episode, Kagome explains to Inuyasha the concept of "family reunion". Cue to Inuyasha thinking of he and Sesshomaru eye-zapping each other over sushi.
  • Also the episode when Shippo is challenged by Soten (Hiten and Manten's little sister). Fullstop. Among many other things we have Kirara falling for catnip and Shippo and Soten performing a "Diagonal Cut-like" slash on each other with kendamas....
  • "YOU NEED MORE FIBER!!!!" [rams tree down throat]
  • Any time Jaken finds himself in an awkward position.
  • The closing credits for one of the OVA's showed Jaken trying to ride and crashing Kagome's bike. She blames this on InuYasha.
  • "Shut up and sit!"

  Shippo: Now he's dead.

  • Inuyasha's reaction to Dog!Sesshomaru's growling in episode 7:

 "Yeah, yeah, 'roar roar' to you too, buddy."

  • In chapter 350, Kagura is injured and her body is being washed down the river. Rin tries to rescue her... and then Jaken tries to rescue Rin... ultimately forcing Sesshomaru to fish all three of them out of the river.
  • Rin's first meeting with an injured Sesshoumaru involved her dumping a bunch of water on his face.
  • Rin's interactions with Jaken.
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