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  • In episode 1, Karuta declaring (with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness to boot) that she was "so scared" during the confrontation with a gun wielding robber. Renshou is understandably incredulous, given how Karuta terrified the robber.
  • Episode 3, Soushi explaining the lengths he went to in order to preserve the text message that Ririchiyo had sent him at the end of the previous episode.
  • Episode 4: Banri and Zange introducing themselves to Ririchiyo. Also, pretty much the entire episode.
  • Episode 5: Kagerou in general, especially his S&M characterization.
  • Episode 7: What ever you may think Nobara and Chino are doing with each other playing Shogi is probably pretty far down the list of possibilities.
    • Soushi says how honored he feels to see Ririchiyo in her night dress and that how he wishes he could "preserve this moment for ever" to which she responds "Take a picture, it'll last longer". He does.

 Soushi: May I use it as my wallpaper?

Ririchiyo: No way!

Soushi: May I blow it up and hang it on my wall?

Ririchyo: Certainly not!!!

    • Karuta runs out of the room she was stuck in to help Watanuki... but as she runs out she grabs a snack, a whole lobster that she proceeds to munch on shell and all. She then engages in a Curb Stomp Battle with the lobster tail hanging out of her mouth still crunching away.
  • Episode 8: Karuta doing multiple flips off the gym horse, then pulls a Taiyaki that she had in her pocket and starts to eat as she walks away.
  • The "What's in the Box" Game Zange organizes as part of his matchmaking plans.
  • Episode 9: "Yes maniac"
    • Soushi is asked whether Ririchiyo is a Dog person or a Cat person. He answers correctly then goes on a long tangent about her other preferences such as food and clothing. While he's talking we see Nobara diligently taking notes.
    • The body language conversations can get... interesting.
    • "If you keep doing that for me soon I won't be able to do anything by myself!"
      • "Exactly." No points for guessing who the people talking are.
  • Episode 10: The classification of S&M part two. Kagerou giving Zange two whips. He Lampshades this in his usually tone of voice.

 Zange: "Why do I always get a whip?"

    • "PEKING DUCK!"
    • "Good morning, my bitch!"
  • In Episode 12, Karuta declares that she would like to be a steamed bun in her next life.
  • The epilogue-esque end of Episode 12 contains some pretty priceless moments.
    • Kagerou arriving at the Maison but finding no one there. He later goes to the beach where all of the residents are and is roped into making grilled squid with Renshou.
    • Watanuki forced into crossdressing.


  • The third panel of this page and then this page.
  • Reincarnated Nobara is a middle schooler with a flat chest. Renshou and Zange notice.
  • Reincarnated Watanuki doesn't hate Soushi at all because they hadn't met before. Instead, Watanuki idolizes him for his strength.
  • The residents play the King Game and Kagerou is there to give his S&M two cents. The results are as hilarious as one might expect.
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