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Here a list of characters that appear in Inu X Boku SS.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin

File:Ririchoprofile 4642.png

 Age: 15 (initial), 16 (at death), 15 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Rina Hidaka

A half-human, half-demon high school girl who transferred to Room 4 of Maison de Ayakashi in order to live alone. She yearns to be independent and constantly worries about not being able to communicate with other people properly, one of her reasons for moving. Her SS agent and servant is Soushi, a fox spirit she rescued long ago.

Soushi Miketsukami

File:Miketsukamiprofile 1308.png

 Age: 22 (initial), 23 (at death), 21 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Yuuichi Nakamura

The assigned SS Agent to Ririchiyo and her servant, Soushi is a half-kitsune whom Ririchiyo helped when she was little. Very calm, polite, and gentle to people, he has a soft spot for his master, blindly obeying her and protecting her with his life if the situation calls for it.

Renshou Sorinozuka

File:Renshouprofile 6884.png

 Age: 17 (initial), 18 (during youkai raid), 41 (23 years later)

Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya

An Ittan-momen demon with several tattoos on his tanned skin, he is the tennant of Room 3. He's had a brother-sister relationship with Ririchiyo since childhood, which earns him Soushi's trust. His SS Agent is Nobara.

Nobara Yukinokouji

File:Yukinokoujiprofile 7143.png

 Age: 21 (initial), 22 (at death), 14 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa

The assigned SS Agent to Renshou, Nobara is a Yuki-onna whose human form depicts her as a young woman wearing glasses. She likes girls and fashion so much so that, in her free time, she looks at adult magazines with beautiful women in them and shares them with Renshou.

Shoukin Kagerou

File:Kagerouprofile 5573.png

 Age: 22 (initial), 23 (at death), 20 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita

Tenant of Room 2, Soushi, Banri, and Zange's former master, and Ririchiyo's fiancé. Kagerou is eccentric, straightforward, and narcissistic, calling the other tenants "pigs" or "human toilets". His SS agent is Karuta.

Karuta Roromiya

File:Karutaprofile2 586.png

 Age: 15 (initial), 16 (at death), 20 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

The assigned SS Agent to Kagerou, a Gashadokuro (large skeleton created from those who starved to death) whose human form is a teenage girl with pigtails. Though she appears to be "zoned out" most of the time, she's actually very clever and observant and likes tasty food.

Banri Watanuki

File:Banriprofile 3819.png

 Age: 15 (initial), 16 (at death), 13-14 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi

Tenant of Room 1, Banri is a mixed blood Tanuki demon with an impulsive streak and is very outspoken. Labeling himself a "delinquent", he considers Soushi his rival because he called him cute, causing Banri to resent him. His SS agent is Zange.

Zange Natsume

File:Zangeprofile 9484.png

 Age: 22 (initial), 23 (at death), 21 (reincarnation, 23 years later)

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

The assigned SS agent to Banri, Zange is a half-human, half-hundred-eyed monster who wears a set of black rabbit ears on his head. He is a very cheerful and eccentric individual. He has a fondness for Soushi and calling him "Sou-tan" because of this, though he has pet names for most of the other characters as well. His youkai blood gives him the power of limited omniscience.

Chino Kotomura

 Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki

A cheerful maid that works in Maison de Ayakashi who's perpetually happy and performs her job with passion. She can transform into a really small form, which helps her clean really narrow places.

Ayumu Warashibe

 Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima

Another maid who works at the Maison and crossdresses in a french maid outfit. His personality is sensible and wry, which contrasts that of the other maid Chino. He has the blood of a zashiki warashi, which gives him the power to bring great fortune to any household he resides in.

Yuujirou Kouda

 Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani

The third "maid" working at the Maison. He is a man with a somewhat outdated sense of humor who cheerfully talks about his recent divorce and layoff. His youkai form is an orochi, an eight-headed snake monster.

Jyoutarou Kawasumi

 Voiced by: Katsuki Murase

The cook at the Maison, though he often gets distracted by making cocktails instead while his son does most of the actual work. He has the ancestry of a kappa.

Kotarou Kawasumi

 Voiced by: Minami Tsuda

Jyoutarou's son and assistant in the kitchen. He is, as far as we know, the only non-youkai person at the Maison.

Homare Nekozuki

The concierge of the Maison who has a mean face but a tender personality. He is extremely shy and embarrassed about his outward appearance. He has the blood of a nekomata, the two-tailed cat demon.

Shimon Satorigahara

She is the one responsible for the creation of the Maison de Ayakashi as part of her struggle to gain civil rights for other atavists back when she was younger. Known as the atavist with the strongest spiritual power, she has the ability, similar to that of Zange, of omniscience. Her power is so strong that she must stay cooped up at her family residence away from other people so she doesn't get overwhelmed by information.

Mikoto Inugami

A mysterious atavist who wants to bring about another Hyakkiyakou, the last of which was connected to the deaths of the main characters 23 years ago. He's the leader of the rogue atavists.

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