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 "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Internet Personality Vangelus, here with a review..."

Internet Personality Vangelus is a reviewer on YouTube, primarily of various toys from several different franchises. His upbeat and quick style have made him quite popular, as well has his fantastic radio-announcer voice. His reviews are also known for The Subtitles, text comments that run along the bottom of the review and lambaste his performance, dialogue, editing, filming, or just abuse him in general.

Also the host of WTF@TFW, and a DJ on The Cape Radio.

Recently joined the That Guy With The Glasses team.

The Vangelus Review contains examples of:

"If you're into the bug Transformers like I am..."
Trust me, NONE of you are into bipedal insects like Vangelus is... into... bipedal insects.

 Vangelus: It's hit that beautiful, perfect size between practical and psychopathic.

Subtitles: Practical psychopathy, of course.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall - One of Vangelus's out-of-character blogs ended with him telling the viewers, "Also, there's no subtitles because, guys, the Subtitles don't really exist. Seriously. There's a thing called the fourth wall. Chyah." Or is there?
  • Brain Bleach - What you'll need to survive his account of the conception of the SH Figuarts line.
  • Bullying a Dragon - Omega Spreem only made an already ticked off Gundam Arios madder by repeatedly insulting him to his face after he was caught making a move on his daughter. Archer didn't take it well either...
  • Caustic Critic - MAJORLY averted, though parodied in his earlier reviews where he challenges those who disagree with his reviews to a fight on the internet!

 vangelous U R A SHEEP >:(!!

  • Color Coded for Your Convenience: The Subtitles tend to engage in this (sometimes unwillingly), just in case you missed the massive bits of yellow on Animated Bumblebee's hood, along with the yellow on his roof or the yellow on the doors.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer - Deliberately parodied in some of his reviews for series he doesn't follow, such as Gundam 00.

 "You can also pose these Dual GN-Drives pretty well. And yeah, see, I knew some terminology there! 'Dual GN-Drives! That’s how this guy cruises the spaceways and looks for his lost brother, Racer X..."

"... I promise I’ll get caught up on Gundam sometime. I mean, there’s like, what, 300 episodes, and like 15 movies or something like that... and this is the one, what, that ummm, y’know, this is the one Captain Harlock’s from, right?"

  That's why I'm the King Role Player! KRP, that's what the ladies like to call me. 'Specially the ones who are played by guys."

 "Come now, Durifuto-Kun! I can misetei your fighting chikara is not genkii!"

 "This is why we don't work with Vangelus."

"... The final review from the Stolen Chinese Foursome that I received shortly before Christmas."
  • Insistent Terminology - Occasionally, other reviewers of upcoming toys will describe the figure they have as "pre-release". Every such toy reviewed by Internet Personality Vangelus is a Stolen Chinese Toy.
    • Cyclonus's drones are known as "And His Armada".
      • Actually, the Cyclonii are Cyclonus, "The Warrior", and "And His Armada". Ignore the fact that only two appear in the film...
    • Any third-party transforming robot action figure will be referred to strictly by the name the third-party company gave it. The transformer character being referenced by the toy will usually only be referred to in an indirect way, and no indication is ever given that, for example, Warbot Defender has anything to do with Springer except share a vaguely similar head. He claims to do this because it upsets fanboys.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot - There's some kind of subplot running through the videos regarding mysterious figures, Mudflap and MC Paddington, the fate of the universe, and the resolution of his video camera.
  • Large Ham - Oh, he is very hammy. So, so very hammy.
  • Mind Screw - The Subtitles takes quite a while to recover from an odd juxtaposition of out-of-context clips from two separate takes.

 "But, uh, I've decided I want to die a bit more gloriously than that, maybe mauled by a polar bear at a zoo. That'd be pretty good—"

"—I'm used to it being the other way around. I'd better get used to new and exciting things."

"And over here you'll see some yellow..."
"This guy is a bit finicky and wide."
Vangelus himself is finicky and wide.
  • Real Men Wear Pink - Omega Spreem
  • Ridiculously-Human Robots - The Subtitles again. Possibly Vangelus himself, as the dangerous life of a toy reviewer has caused him once to be incapacitated and briefly replaced by Auxiliary Vangelus.

 Ah cripes, you're the Auxiliary that reeks of bacon and dental drills, too. :(

  • Running Gag - The Subtitles taking a quote from Vangelus out of context.
    • His epic Fanfic, Love Across The Universe: Can You Recall It?.
    • Every time he reviews a car, he says "And he rolls!... Okay, let's transform him." This is because car-mode Transformers usually have few gimmicks outside of rolling, and because a surprising amount of them have little or no ground clearance, meaning that whether or not they roll actually is a factor.
  • Serious Business - Parodied constantly.
    • Best example in Questionnaire

 "We are happy to inform you that you are now an employee of Wal*Mart."

 And that guy who called me Tsundere? He's a woman now. Cover your tracks better.

  • Totally Radical - Since the name "Vangelus" tends to get taken a lot (due to the musician Vangelis) the actual YouTube account is "Vange1us", which he insists "shows you're street-smart to the internets, and I'm takin' it back for the kids."
    • Occasionally, when referring specifically to his Youtube channel, he pronounces it "Vange-one-us."
  • Ultimate Universe - His videos on That Guy With The Glasses fall somewhere between this and The Remake.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? - The one rule above all others Vangelus abides by. We're talking about a man who puts on his sunglasses in the morning and declares "Henshin!"
    • The video of him assembling a box for keeping an action figure inside.
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