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  • Shortly before the Basterds attempt to meet their double agent in the bar:

 Aldo: Fighting in a basement presents several difficulties, the first of which being, you're fighting in a basement.

  • While strategizing their entry into the theater:

 Aldo: I speak the most I-Talian here, so I'll be the escort. Donnie here speaks second most I-Talian, so he'll be your cameraman. Omar, over there, speaks third most I-Talian--

Omar: I don't speak Italian.

Aldo: Like I said, third best. Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut. Fact, why don't you you start practicin'!

  • "Bon-jorn-oh!"
  • Landa speaking perfect Italian, an Oh Crap moment for the Basterds.
    • Aldo realizes early that their plan is a horrible idea, and his face for the entire scene is a hilariously contorted grimace.
  • The old-fashioned X-ray vision showing the bombs tied to the ankles of Omar and Donnie in the theatre.
  • Donny offering 'champagne' to Hitler's guards. "Cham-pan-yuh?"
  • Two words, or rather, seven words: "NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!"
  • And shortly before that, the painter of Hitler's HUMONGOUS PORTRAIT giving the Fuhrer a thumbs-up.
    • Fridge Brilliance. Artists uses thumbs as way of maintaining perspective on their subjects.
  • I think I can top this in three words: That's a BINGO!
  • "The Germans' nickname for me is 'The Little Man?'"
    • "To be honest, I'm surprised by how tall you actually are."
    • The best part is the look on Aldo's face during that exchange. He doesn't say a word about it, but you can see "Man, I was hoping he wouldn't find out about that," written right on his face.
  • A little black humour in here, while rescuing Hugo, the Basterds kill his captors in the most over the top and bloody ways. After that, while talking to him, one of the soldiers appear to be alive, and one of the Basterds answers him with a shot. Without changing expression, or looking to him. Without camera movements. Its hilarious. No, really.
  • Landa inspecting Stiglitz's body.

 Landa: "Ah, Hugo. You've moved up in the world! Look at you, 'Lieutenant First Class', and with your record of insubordination. Truly remarkable."

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