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  • Fridge Brilliance: when the Nazis are killed, it is during a violent propaganda movie in which a 'war hero' slaughters hundreds of Allied troops, which invokes cheering from the Nazis. However, after watching the film which is almost a parody of an American propaganda movie, a thoughtful viewer might realise that he has just watched two Allied 'heroes' slaughtering Nazis, which is almost inevitably enjoyable for your average viewer. Tarantino is highlighting the way the violence cinema in cinema brings out the worst in people, providing the violence is directed toward Acceptable Targets.
  • The Basterds originally start out as eight Jewish soldiers, with a ninth commanding officer. This is reminiscent of a Hanukah menorah, which has eight candles and a ninth used to light them. Hanukah is a holiday celebrating a Jewish revolt. However, the candle used to light the eight others is called a "shamash," meaning "helper," which does not groove with the soldier/commander dynamic. The Basterds are never arrayed in a way that suggests a menorah, and also gain a ninth member, which throw off the metaphor. It's probably just a coincidence.
  • Fridge Logic: Carving a swastika into a forehead isn't actually all that horrific, in the long run - even 1944 reconstructive surgery was capable of removing it. The victims might still have a noticeable scar after surgery, but the original shape wouldn't be visible. It's possible that Raine didn't know about that much about cosmetic surgery. Even if he did know. he might have just wanted to scare his victims.
  • While Goebbels is pretty clearly an Evil Mentor to Zoller, does anyone else notice that apparent Dogged Nice Guy Zoller seems to be taking after him? His ego is constantly swelling due to everyone's admiration, to the point that he clearly oversteps his boundaries with Goebbels (who laughs it off) and Landa (who doesn't), which is pretty telling for a mere private. Also, his outburst at Shoshanna shows a massive sense of entitlement, and his sudden return to nice guy once he gets what he wants seems to mirror Goebbels' childish mood swings.
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