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I long for you to hold me like your boyfriend does

And though my dream is slowly fading

I want to be the object of your passion

But it's hopeless
—"Malchik Gay", T.A.T.U.

Renee Montoya: Harvey, you outed me! I'm gay! I'm a dyke, a lesbian, I like girls! Didn't you look at the picture before you started sending it around?

Harvey Dent / Two-Face: Yeah, I know all that. I don't see what that has to do with us. Renee, you have nothing to go back to. I made certain of that. You're staying with me, now. And I can make you whole.

Kurt: You should be thanking me. All I did was to make you realize that your school-girl fantasy of running off with Finn was nothing more than a fairy-tale.

Rachel: ... [Realizing] You like him. That is what this is. And you were just trying to eliminate the competition.

Kurt: I was just helping him understand that you are not a viable second choice!

Rachel: You think I am living in a fairy-tale?! If I was second, or fiftieth, I would still be ahead of you, because I am a girl!
Blaine is the first of many men you'll date who will turn out to be the most flaming of homosexuals!
Kurt to Rachel, Glee again [1]

Nico: What are you doing?

Karolina: I'm so sorry. I moving too fast?

Nico: Yes! No! I mean, you shouldn't be moving in that direction at all!

Karolina: But after Alex, said you were done with boys forever.

Nico: I am! But that doesn't mean I'm suddenly into...Wait, you're into girls?

Karolina: Yes? Well, not all of them. Aren't you?

Nico: No! I...I don't think so. I just want to be alone right now, okay? I don't understand this need for people to automatically have to pair up with someone, that's all.
That won't last. He's gay and she's an alien.
The Doctor flipping through a trashy magazine, Doctor Who, "Rose"
Love you. Miss you. Wish you weren't queer.

Fem!Shepard: Hey. What's happening?

Jack: You got a lot of questions, hasn't you?

Fem!Shepard: I miss your friendly nature when you're not around.

Jack: I've been thinking. We have seen a lot of shit together you and I. And you always come down to talk to me. It's just... I'm not really a "Girls Club Type"-person. I like you, alright? That's a good place to stop.
Have you ever considered dating an actual lesbian?
Robin Desanto to Leslie Bean, Shortpacked
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