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The best way to show that your group is "down with the kids" and "funky" - or whatever it is the under-20s say these days - is to stick them in a hopelessly contrived looking nightclub set full of impossibly attractive young women and maybe a few men and have them break it down on the dance floor, generally being the lives of the party.

If the video is for a proper instrumental band, expect the lead signer and lead guitarist to grab most of the screen time while the funny-looking drummer and bassist get a few standard shots of some women mooning over them.

The club itself will notably lack ugly people, people older than thirty, terrifying predatory girls on a hen night do, people drunk off their asses, people buying drugs, and people looking incredulously at bar staff after learning how much a JD and coke costs.

Extensive use of Slow Motion brings the speed of the dancers down to the typically sedate pace of a hip-hop song.

Examples of In Da Club include:

  • Unsurprisingly, the 50 Cent video "In Da Club" features... oh, you can work it out.
    • Now that's mentioned, nearly half of Hip-hop/dancehall/reggaeton music video features a club or some kind of wild party of similar characteristics.
  • Brilliantly spoofed on Chappelle's Show in his sketch on how slow motion makes some things better... and other things worse.
  • System of a Down's "B.Y.O.B." has the band playing in a club but that club is invaded by soldiers wearing helmets with displays on the front apparently in some sort of sting operation and force all the club goers and the band to wear such helmets.
  • The Sum 41 video for "What we're all about" twists this trope slightly. They band is playing at a night club, but because it's the Spider-Man soundtrack, the band is on the ceiling while the clubbers watch from below.
  • Done with a twist in Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out"; while the band is playing normally up on a stage, around them a Bar Brawl is happening backwards!
  • Pick a Basshunter video, any Basshunter video. Yes, even that one
  • Spaced had a pretty realistic techno/dance club for one of it's episodes.. well, until they started playing a A-Team theme remix. And it was awesome.
  • Turisas' cover of Boney M's hit Rasputin features the band playing In Da Club. Warlord Nygard first appears in a fine suit and hat, surrounded by babes, but by the end the whole band is playing in their usual leather, fur, and warpaint.
  • Subverted by the Soulwax video for E Talking - everyone's on drugs from literally A-Z and the clubbers cover a spectrum of old/young/attractive/not so much, but because of the drugs even the most generically pretty among them don't look so great.
  • Beautifully deconstructed in The Office (UK version), with an episode that ended at a works outing at one of these places... which was depicted as rather unpleasant and sleazy, and no fun at all unless you happened to be completely drunk.
  • Parodied in Garfunkel and Oates' "This Party Took A Turn For The Douche".
  • Parodied in The Lonely Island's Jack Sparrow. It starts with everyone in a club, singing about how awesome and cool they are. Then Michael Bolton derails the song by singing about Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Todd in the Shadows ends up reviewing a lot of songs about this. It's safe to say he's getting a little tired of them.
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