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 "Nigel, do you-" Kissan's words died in his lips as he saw Nigel slumped in his seat, and standing beside the bike, leveling a pistol his way-

 But that was why they called him "Havoc."

Kissan's visor shattered, his head snapped back, and he toppled out of his motorcycle as the rest of the ambushed Nod militia found themselves under fire from multiple directions by a superior number of GDI troops.

Harry: I saw you during the fight at Wrigley, Kincaid. You fired a dozen shots, on the move and dodging bad guys the whole time.

Kincaid: What's so supernatural about that?

Harry: In a fight, just plain folks miss sometimes. Maybe most times. You didn't miss once.

Kincaid: What's the point of shooting if you're just going to miss?
The Dresden Files: Blood Rites

Captain Amelia: Did you actually aim for that?

Dr. Doppler: You know, actually, I did.
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