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Examples of Idiot Ball in Fan Works.

    • The entire team tends to catch this in fics where visits to Galra-hating planets lead to Keith being horribly poisoned for hls half-Galra blood just so everyone can fret over him (especially Lance or Shiro). One would think that the group would be keeping an eye out for such things from the very beginning, especially Allura and Coran (who know more about these cultures than anyone), Pidge (the smart one), Hunk (the cautious one) or Shiro (Keith's best friend). Hell, even Keith would normally have more common sense than to accept a strange drink. At the same time, these planets somehow catch the Smart Ball because Keith appears to be fully human, hence the people having no way of knowing of his Galra blood unless told outright.
  • Lyndis is given the Idiot Ball in the Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade fic Lies, where her Fish Out of Water status (she has noble blood, but was raised on the plains) leads to her naively allowing a bunch of lecherous nobles to get her drunk so they can take turns having their way with her. It's all just a set-up for Kent to rescue her, of course.
    • Kent also catches the ball during the dramatic rescue scene, when he attackes the men outright rather than calling for someone in a higher authority who would not only put a stop to it immediately, but give the nobles the punishment they deserved for such disgraceful behavior. Instead, he points his weapon at the ringleader (an out of character Erik of Laus) who then taunts Kent about how he's totally going to get in trouble with Lord Hausen for attacking a lord. Then, rather than explaining the situation outright, he claims he was drunk and attacked Erik for the hell of it.
  • In the Fire Emblem Awakening fancomic Future of Despair, a pregnant and about to be due Panne stupidly runs off from the Ylissean castle and into the woods to give birth to her and Henry's son Yarne, for no other reasons than "her Taguel instincts kicked in". She gets shot full of arrows and subjected to a needless, incredibly stupid Death by Childbirth for her trouble.
    • A Chrom/Female Robin fic has Robin suppressing her (apparently very active) labor until after a dinner with a good-will ambassador, causing her to collapse and end up on bed rest. Somehow, baby Lucina comes out in perfect health,
  • A Fire Emblem: Three Houses kink meme prompt has the female Byleth having unprotected sex with Dimitri because he's pretty and smells good and she didn't think anything bad could happen if she didn't take her contraceptive tea every single day. Naturally, she ends up pregnant and is shocked that such a thing happened.
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