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Examples of Idiot Ball in Fan Works.

  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Nobody Dies, Kaworu is very enthusiastic about maintaining the species with Rei. The Idiot Ball? The first attempt fails by loss of Ocular Virginity. The second by Defenestration. He still tries.
  • Played for Laughs in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep fanfic Reaching the Understanding, which turns Terra's tendency to be overly trusting of the wrong sort of people into a Running Gag by way of a chain of Gilligan Cuts.
  • In the Firefly/Series/DoctorWho crossover fanfic The Man With No Name, some of the characters are hunting Reavers. When they stop, thinking they've heard something, the Doctor keeps going anyway, walking smack right into one. Even the Doctor admits it was blindingly stupid.
  • The goal of Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality seems to be to avert this.
    • Although, it does get a lampshade in chapter 63, when Moody mentions a drug called "Bahl's Stupefaction", the effects of which include causing the user to do extremely stupid things.
  • The cast of Hogwarts Exposed grab the Idiot Ball frequently, but special mention has to go to the scene in which Harry, Hermione and the entire Hogwarts faculty get outwitted by Crabbe and Goyle.
  • Some Voltron: Legendary Defender fics have Pidge lose the common sense, intelligence, self-preservation skills, and self-awareness she's known for in canon just so she can find herself in a dramatic and complicated situation (usually Teen Pregnancy or a Attempted Rape) for whoever she's being shipped with to rescue her from or comfort her over. One particular fic series has her spend a whole day in early labor and not even realize what's going on until her and Shiro's hyper-intelligent dog, who knew the instant it happened, noses her belly when she gets home from work.
    • The entire team tends to catch this in fics where visits to Galra-hating planets lead to Keith being horribly poisoned for hls half-Galra blood just so everyone can fret over him (especially Lance or Shiro). One would think that the group would be keeping an eye out for such things from the very beginning, especially Allura and Coran (who know more about these cultures than anyone), Pidge (the smart one), Hunk (the cautious one) or Shiro (Keith's best friend). Hell, even Keith would normally have more common sense than to accept a strange drink. At the same time, these planets somehow catch the Smart Ball because Keith appears to be fully human, hence the people having no way of knowing of his Galra blood unless told outright.
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