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Fridge Brilliance

  • Jean Loring's actions that result in Sue Dibny's and Jack Drake's death are so that the heroes can rush back to their loved ones (Out of fear that the villains may target them), resulting in Ray Palmer rushing back to her. Sound ridiculous given that it's implied that Ray would have no problem getting back together with her. Then again, when you considered the publicity she had gained from the divorce, maybe that's the point. She didn't want to reunite with Ray, she wanted Ray to reunite with her. That way she could get back together with him and save face given that it was he who made the first move and not her.[1] Does it make her reasoning better? No! but it would at least explain a bit.

Fridge Logic

  • Along with the rest of the villains who switched bodies with heroes, Professor Zoom gets a mindwipe to forget their identities. This is the Zoom from the future, where the secret identities of 20th century heroes are a matter of public record, who uses this information all the time to attack Barry Allen's loved ones. He would've had no problem telling his friends the secrets of their enemies the whole time without any setup at all. Of course, this simply didn't come up in the original story being retconned.
  • Jean Loring says she didn't mean to kill Sue Dibney, but no explanation is made for why she decided to bring a flamethrower.
  • During Jean's faked assassination, the art shows her being tied up by an unseen assailant's hands, but it's later revealed that she did it to herself... except there's no way she could have contorted herself into the positions seen in the pictures.
  1. There are many people who, despite wanting to get back together with their estranged spouse, would rather have them "crawling back."
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